Sammarinese Democratic Progressive Party

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Sammarinese Democratic Progressive Party
Partito Progressista Democratico Sammarinese
Founded 1990
Dissolved 2001
Split from PCS
Merged into Party of Democrats
Ideology Post communism
Democratic socialism
International affiliation None
Colours Red

The Sammarinese Democratic Progressive Party (Partito Progressista Democratico Sammarinese, PPDS) was a democratic socialist political party in San Marino. Its Italian counterpart was the Democratic Party of the Left.

The party was formed in 1990 as the successor to the Sammarinese Communist Party. In 1992 some hard-liners who did not accept the abandonment of communism left to form the Sammarinese Communist Refoundation. On 25 March 2001 the PPDS merged with two minor groups, the Ideas in Motion and the Socialists for Reform, into the Party of Democrats.

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