Sammarinese general election, 2008

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San Marino general election, 2008
San Marino
← 2006 9 November 2008 2012 →

All 60 seats in the Grand and General Council
  First party Second party
  Pact For San Marino logo.jpg Reforms and Freedom logo.png
Party Pact for San Marino Reforms and Freedom
Last election 34 seats totally, 57.7% 26 seats totally, 42.3%
Seats won 35 25
Seat change Increase1 Decrease1
Popular vote 11,371 9,601
Percentage 54.2% 45.8%
Swing Decrease3.5% Increase3.5%

Secretary for Foreigns before election

Fiorenzo Stolfi
Party of Socialists and Democrats

New Secretary for Foreign Affairs

Antonella Mularoni
Pact for San Marino

A snap general election was held in San Marino on 9 November 2008. Elections were called after the collapse of the centre-left majority which had won the previous 2006 election.

In June 2008, due to disagreements within the coalition partners, the Party of Socialists and Democrats (PSD), Popular Alliance (AP) and United Left (SU), AP left the coalition and the cabinet fell down.[1] The PSD tried to form a narrow-majority coalition with SU and Sammarinese for Freedom (SpL),[2] but two dissenting members of PSD left their party and formed Arengo and Freedom (AL), leaving the proposed coalition without a majority in Parliament.[3][4]

Due to the new electoral law passed earlier in 2008 which introduced a number of changes (an electoral threshold of 3.5% and a majority premium for the winning coalition, on the example of the electoral system for the Italian cities[5]), the election was contested by two major coalitions: Pact for San Marino (centre-right) and Reforms and Freedom (centre-left).

Coalitions and parties[edit]

Due to the new electoral law, Sammarinese political parties are organized in two major coalitions:

Pact for San Marino[edit]

Party Ideology Electoral list
PDCSEPS Christian democracy PDCSEPSAF
Arengo and Freedom Liberalism
Popular Alliance Big tent Popular Alliance
New Socialist Party Social liberalism Freedom List
We Sammarinese Liberal conservatism
Sammarinese People Conservatism Sammarinese
Sammarinese National Alliance National conservatism

Reforms and Freedom[edit]

Party Ideology Electoral list
Party of Socialists and Democrats Social democracy Centre-left
Sammarinese for Freedom Social liberalism
Communist Refoundation Communism United Left
Left Party – Zona Franca Democratic socialism
Centre Democrats Christian left Democrats


e • d Summary of the 9 November 2008 Grand and General Council of San Marino election results
Parties Votes % Seats
Sammarinese Christian Democratic PartyEuro-Populars for San MarinoArengo and Freedom 6,693 31.90% 22
Popular Alliance 2,417 11.52% 7
Freedom List 1,317 6.28% 4
Sammarinese Union of Moderates 874 4.17% 2
Votes to the coalition 73 0.35%
Pact for San Marino 11,373 54.22% 35
Party of Socialists and DemocratsSammarinese for Freedom 6,703 31.96% 18
United Left 1,797 8.57% 5
Centre Democrats 1,037 4.94% 2
Votes to the coalition 65 0.31%
Reforms and Freedom 9,602 45.78% 25
Total valid votes (turnout: 68.48%) 20,975 60
Invalid/Blank votes 831
Total votes cast 21,806
Registered voters 31,845
Sources: Elezioni Politiche 2008 - Repubblica di San Marino (in Italian)