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This page contains the filmography of Sammo Hung.


Year Film title Chinese title Role Notes
1961 Education of Love 愛的教育 "He Shuang-chuan" aka "Shouquan" (child actor)
1962 Big and Little Wong Tin Bar 大小黄天霸 child actor Film Missing only represented by a single clip.
The Birth of Yue Fei 岳飛出世 child actor
The Princess and the Seven Little Heroes 公主與七小俠 child actor
Little Dragon Girl Teases White Snake Spirit 小龍女三戯白蛇精 child actor
1963 Father and Son 人之初 child actor aka 父子情
The Monkey Soldiers Come to the Rescue 猴子兵華山救駕 child actor
1964 The Crisis 生死關頭 child actor
The Rainbow Pass 虹霓關 child actor
1966 The Eighteen Darts (Part 1) 兩湖十八鏢 (下集) child actor aka Seven Little Tigers (Part 1)
The Eighteen Darts (Part 2) 兩湖十八鏢 (上集) child actor aka Seven Little Tigers (Part 2)
Come Drink with Me 大醉俠 assistant action director
1967 Paragon of Sword and Knife 天劍絶刀 stuntman
Dragon Gate Inn 龍門客桟 supporting role aka Dragon Inn
1968 The Bells of Death 奪魂鈴 "Tao's thug"
Black Butterfly 女侠黒蝴蝶 supporting role
Paragon of Sword and Knife PartⅡ 天劍絶刀 (下集大結局) stuntman
The Jade Raksha 玉羅刹 "Master Yan's thug (extra)"
Death Valley 斷魂谷 "Swordman (extra)"
1969 Raw Courage 虎胆 supporting role
Mad, Mad Sword 神經刀 "Mopan Bandit" aka Mad Mad Mad Swords
Dragon Swamp 毒龍潭 "Gambler at Jiang's party"
The Swordmates 燕娘 supporting role
The Golden Sword 龍門金劍 "Golden Dragon Security member"
action director
The Sweet Sword 一劍香 supporting role aka
aka The Fragrant Sword
Killers Five 豪侠傳 supporting role
The One Armed Magic Nun 獨臂神尼 supporting role
The Devil Warrior 小魔侠 (extra) aka Little Devil
Sword of Emei 峨嵋霸刀 supporting role
Vengeance is a Golden Blade 飛燕金刀 "Long's man"
1970 Wrath of the Sword 怒劍狂刀 supporting role
The Eagle's Claw 鷹爪手 supporting role
The Iron Buddha 鐵羅漢 "Xiao's thug"
action director
The Crimson Charm 血符門 supporting role
Brothers Five 五虎屠龍 "Security escort Chu"
action director
The Twelve Gold Medallions 十二金牌 action director
The Golden Knight 金衣大俠 "Master Bao's thug"
A Taste of Cold Steel 武林風雲 Tiger's Gang member (extra)
The Angry River 鬼怒川 "thug"
action director
1971 The Invincible Eight 天龍八將 "whip wielding henchman"
action director
A Touch of Zen 俠女 "Commander Hsu's son"
action director
The Shadow Whip 影子神鞭 "martial artist after Fang"
The Comet Strikes 鬼流星 supporting role
Swordsman at Large 蕭十一郎 "Bandit" / "Rapist"
The Fast Sword 奪命金劍 "thug"
action director
The Lady Hermit 鍾馗娘子 "Black Demon's disciple"
The Eunuch 鬼太監 "First fighter at the final contest"
The Living Sword 劍魂 supporting role
Six Assassins 六刺客 stuntman
The Lady Hermit 鍾馗娘子 supporting role
Vengeance of a Snowgirl 冰天侠女 "henchman" aka A Daughter's Vengeance
The Blade Spares None 刀不留人 supporting role
action director
1972 The Thunderbolt Fist 霹靂拳 supporting role
Trilogy of Swordsmanship 群英會 supporting role This is an anthology film.
Hung appears in Part 2: The Tigress.
Lady Whirlwind 鐵掌旋風腿 "Tiao Ta Niang's brother"
action director
aka Deep Thrust
aka Deep Thrust: The Hand of Death
Bandits from Shantung 山東響馬 "bell thrower"
action director
Hapkido 合氣道 "Fan Wei" aka "Bun Wei"
action director
aka Lady Kung Fu
The Fugitive 亡命徒 supporting role
The Devil's Mirror 風雷魔鏡 "Witch's drummer"
The Imperial Swordsman 大內高手
1973 Life For Sale 賣命 supporting role
action director
aka That Man from Singapore
The Rendezvous of Warriors 偸渡客 stuntman (extra)
Enter the Dragon 龍爭虎鬥 "Shaolin fighter"
stunt co-ordinator
aka The Deadly Three
The Fate of Lee Khan 迎春閣之風波 action director
Kickmaster 跆拳震九州 supporting role
action director
aka Sting of the Dragon Masters
aka When Taekwondo Strikes
Bloody Ring 死亡挑戰 supporting role
action director
aka Mandarin Magician
The Devil's Treasure 黑夜怪客 "Kao Hsiung"
action director
Ambush 埋伏
1974 The Wandering Life 横衝直撞小福星 supporting role
Ultraman the Frozen Station 無敵超人
The Skyhawk 黃飛鴻少林拳 "Fei Fei"
action director
Village of Tigers 悪虎村 supporting role
The Tournament 中泰拳壇生死戰 supporting role
action director
The Association 艷窟神探 supporting role
action director
Big Brother 大佬 stuntman
Manchu Boxer 七省拳王 "Hashimoto"
action director
aka Bonecrushers
Games Gamblers Play 鬼馬雙星 action director
The Shrine of Ultimate Bliss 鐵金剛大破紫陽觀 "gang strongman"
action director
aka The Stoner
aka Hong Kong Hitman
The Dragon Tamers 女子跆拳群英會 supporting role aka Belles of Taekwondo
1975 The Man from Hong Kong 直搗黃龍 "Win Chan"
action director
aka The Dragon Flies
Bruce, Hong Kong Master 香港超人 supporting role aka Hong Kong Superman
Winner Take All 面懵心精 supporting role
Story of Chinese Gods 封神榜
Kung Fu Stars 脂粉大彗星 supporting role
action director
The Valiant Ones 忠烈圖 "Hakatatsu"
action director
aka Usurpers of Emperor's Power
All in the Family 花飛滿城春 supporting role
The Young Rebel 後生 supporting role aka The Rebel Youth
Bruce Lee, D-Day at Macao 生龍活虎小英雄 supporting role aka 生龙活虎小英雄
aka Little Superman
aka Fist of Vengeance
My Wacky, Wacky World 大千世界 supporting role
1976 The Himalayan 密宗聖手 supporting role
action director
Hand of Death 少林門 "Officer Tu Ching"
action director
aka Countdown in Kung Fu
The Double Crossers 鬼計雙雄 supporting role
The Private Eyes 半斤八兩 action director
Traitorous 大太監 "first head" aka Shaolin Traitorous
A Queen's Ransom 鱷潭群英會 supporting role aka International Assassins
End of Wicked Tigers 老虎彗星 "Lau"
action director
aka 猛虎鬥肥龍
The Breakthrough 突圍 supporting role
action director
Tiger of Northland 北少林 supporting role
action director
aka 北地虎
1977 Fists of Dragons 追龍 action director aka The Fighter with Two Faces
Shaolin Plot 四大門派 "Renegade Monk"
action director
The Iron Fisted Monk 三德和尚与舂米六 "Hawker"
action director
Broken Oath 破戒 "henchman"
The Dragon, the Odds 戇居仔與牛咁眼 supporting role aka Crazy Boy and Pop-Eye
1978 Game of Death 死亡遊戲 "Lo Chen"
action director
My Darling Gals 出鐘 supporting role aka 脂粉大彗星
aka Kung Fu Stars
Return of Secret Rivals 臭頭小子 "Su Yen-cheng" aka Filthy Guy
aka Emperor of the Filthy Guy
Warriors Two 贊先生與找錢華 "Fei Chun"
action director
Dirty Tiger, Crazy Frog 老虎田雞 "Frog"
action director
Enter the Fat Dragon 肥龍過江 "Lung"
action director
The Amsterdam Kill 荷京喋血 action director
Gee and Gor 谷爆 action director aka Gee and Jor
Heroes 烏龍英雄 stuntman
Naked Comes the Huntress 貂女 co-director
action director
Magnum Fist 大英雄 "Japanese commander"
1979 Knockabout 雜家小子 "blinking beggar"
action director
The Incredible Kung Fu Master 醒目仔蠱惑招 "Fei Jai"
action director
aka The Kung Fu Master
aka They Call Me Phat Dragon
Magnificent Butcher 林世榮 "Lam Sai-wing" aka "Butcher Wing"
action director
Odd Couple 搏命單刀奪命搶 "King of Sabres"
"Ah Yo" (pupil of "King of Spears")
action director
From Riches To Rags 錢作怪 producer aka Money Talk
1980 Encounters of the Spooky Kind 鬼打鬼 "Bold Cheung"
action director
aka Spooky Encounters
By Hook or by Crook 鹹魚番生 "Fatso"
Two Toothless Tigers 甩牙老虎 "Ah Pao"
action director
The Victim 身不由已 "Chan Wing"
action director
1981 Game of Death II 死亡塔 co-director (uncredited) aka Tower of Death
The Prodigal Son 敗家仔 "Wong Wah-bo"
action director
aka Pull No Punches
Chasing Girls 追女仔 Man at Airport(cameo)
1982 Carry On Pickpocket 提防小手 "Rice Pot"
action director
The Dead and the Deadly 人嚇人 "Chu Wong-lee" aka "Fat Boy"
action director
Men's Inhumanity to Men director
1983 Project A A計劃 "Fei"
action director
aka Jackie Chan's Project A
Winners and Sinners 奇謀妙計五福星 "Teapot"
action director
aka 5 Lucky Stars
Zu Warriors from the Magic Mountain 新蜀山劍俠 "Fat Man"
"Chang Mei"
1984 Pom Pom 神勇雙響炮 "Eric" / "Kidstuff"(cameo)
action director
The Owl vs Bombo 貓頭鷹與小飛象 "Bombo" aka "First Day Chan"
aka The Owl vs Bumbo
Possession of a Ghost 鬼符身 director aka Five Fighters from Shaolin
Wheels on Meals 快餐車 "Moby"
action director
aka Million Dollar Heiress
Long Arm of the Law 省港旗兵 producer
Hong Kong 1941 等待黎明 co-writer
production supervisor
action director
The Return of Pom Pom 雙龍出海 producer
action director
Hocus Pocus 人嚇鬼 producer
1985 My Lucky Stars 福星高照 "Eric" aka "Kidstuff" aka "Fastbuck" (US version)
action director
aka Lucky Stars Superior Shine
From the Great Beyond 時來運轉 "film director"(cameo)
aka Those Merry Souls
Twinkle, Twinkle Lucky Stars 夏日福星 "Eric" aka "Kidstuff" aka "Fastbuck" (US version)
action director
Yes, Madam 皇家師姐 "old master"
aka Police Assassins
Heart of Dragon 龍的心 "Dodo Fung" aka "Danny" (US version)
action director
aka Heart of the Dragon
aka The First Mission
Mr. Boo Meets Pom Pom 智勇三寶 producer
The Island 生死綫 producer aka Life and Death
Mr. Vampire 彊屍先生 producer
It's a Drink! It's a Bomb! 聖誕奇遇結良縁 producer aka Christmas Romance
1986 Millionaire's Express 富貴列車 "Ching Fong-tin"
aka Shanghai Express
Lucky Stars Go Places 最佳福星 "Eric" aka "Kidstuff"
aka The Luckiest Stars
Where's Officer Tuba? 霹靂大喇叭 "Officer Tuba"
aka Spirit and Me
Eastern Condors 東方禿鷹 "Tung Ming-sun"
action director
Mr. Vampire II 殭屍家族 producer
From Here to Prosperity 奪寶計上計 producer
The Strange Bedfellow 倆公婆八條心 producer
Silent Love 聽不到的説話 producer
Rosa 神勇雙響炮続続續集 producer
Goodbye Mama 再見媽 (口米) producer
1987 To Err Is Human 標錯參 "Ting Siu-chung" aka To Err Is Humane
My Cousin the Ghost 表哥到 producer
Promising Young Boy 全力反彈 producer
The Romance of Book and Sword 書劍恩仇錄 action director
Scared Stiff 小生夢驚魂 producer aka Kid Dreams Thriller
Project A Part II A計劃續集 Fei (cameo)
The Final Test 最後一戰 producer
Sworn Brothers 肝膽相照 producer
Mr. Vampire III 靈幻先生 Hung (cameo)
action director
The Happy Bigamist 一屋兩妻 producer
1988 Dragons Forever 飛龍猛將 "Luke Wong Fei-fung"
In the Blood 神探父子兵 "Hung Kei" (cameo)
production supervisor
action director
Painted Faces 七小福 "Master Yu Jim-yuen"
On the Run 亡命鴛鴦 producer
Lai Shi, China's Last Eunuch 中國最後一個太監 "Opera boss"
aka Last Eunuch of China
Paper Marriage 過埠新娘 "Bo Chin"
action director
Picture of a Nymph 畫中仙 producer
action director
aka Portrait of a Nymph
Mr. Vampire IV 彊屍叔叔 producer
The Haunted Island 鬼猛腳 (cameo)
aka Spooky, Spooky, Spooky
One Husband Too Many 一妻兩夫 producer
1989 Seven Warriors 忠義群英 "Hung" (cameo)
Blond Fury 師姐大晒 producer aka Born to Fight
aka Above the Law II
aka 師姐出馬
Into the Fire 烈火街頭 production supervisor
Pedicab Driver 群龍戲鳳 "Lo Tung" aka "Fat Tung"
production supervisor
action director
The Fortune Code 富貴兵團 "Brother Hung" aka Code of Fortune
Bachelor's Swan Song 再見王老五 (cameo)
Burning Sensation 火燭鬼 (cameo)
1990 Shanghai Encounter 亂世兒女 "Chin Hung-yun" aka Shanghai Shanghai
Encounters of the Spooky Kind 2 鬼咬鬼 "Abao"
production supervisor
action director
Eight Taels of Gold 八兩金 "Slim Cheng"
Pantyhose Hero 脂粉雙雄 "Jeff Lau"
production supervisor
aka Pantyhose Killer
Skinny Tiger, Fatty Dragon 瘦虎肥龍 "Fatty" aka Nutty Kickbox Cops
Dragon Versus Phoenix 龍鳳賊捉賊 (cameo)
production supervisor
aka Thief Versus Thief
aka License to Steal
Island of Fire 火燒島 "Fatty Liu Hsi-chia" aka "John" (US version) aka Island on Fire
aka The Burning Island
She Shoots Straight 皇家女將 "Officer Huang Tsung-po" (elder)
aka Lethal Lady
Best is the Highest "Chok-fei"
aka Best is Highest
1991 Touch and Go 一觸即發 "Fat Goose" aka Point of No Return
Lover's Tear 誓不忘情 "Commissioner Kung"
production supervisor
The Tantana 密宗威龍 "Gai-lap"
My Flying Wife 猛鬼入侵黑社會 "Chan Yu-qun"
Daddy, Father and Papa 老豆唔怕多 "Bull"
action director
The Gambling Ghost 洪福齊天 "Fat Bao" aka "Fatty"
"Big Brock" (Bao's father)
"Hung Gao" (Bao's grandfather)
The Banquet 豪門夜宴 "Hung Tai-po" aka Party of a Wealthy Family
Bury Me High 衞斯理之覇王卸甲 producer
Slickers Vs. Killers 黐線枕邊人 "Success Hung"
1992 Ghost Punting 五福星撞鬼 "Eric" aka "Kidstuff"
Scorpion King 羯子戰士 producer aka Operation Scorpio
Banana Spirit 精霊變
production supervisor
The Moon Warriors 戰神傳說 director
1993 King Swindler 龍父虎子 aka Dragon Father and Tiger Son
aka Return of the Fat Dragon
Don't Call Me Gigolo 住家舞男 co-director
The Eagle Shooting Heroes 射鵰英雄傳之東成西就 action director
Kung Fu Cult Master 倚天屠龍記之魔教教主 "Cheung Sam-fung"
action director
aka Evil Cult
aka Lord Of The Wu Tang
aka Kung Fu Master
Painted Skin 畫皮之陰陽法王 "High Monk Tai-yuet"
action director
aka Human Night in Painted Skin
Blade of Fury 一刀傾城 "Yu Man-san" (cameo)
action director
aka 神州第一刀
1994 China's First Swordsman 神州第一刀 director
Ashes of Time 東邪西毒 action director
Don't Give a Damn 冇面俾 "Pierre Lau"
stunt action director
production supervisor
aka Burger Cop
1995 Thunderbolt 霹靂火 action director
1996 Somebody Up There Likes Me 浪漫風暴 "Black Jack Hung"
How to Meet the Lucky Stars 運財五福星 "Eric" aka "Kidstuff" and "Tau" (two roles)
The Stunt Woman 阿金的故事 "Master Tung" aka "Thunderbolt" aka Ah Kam
1997 Mr. Nice Guy 一個好人 "cyclist" (cameo)
aka SuperChef
A Chinese Ghost Story: The Tsui Hark Animation 小倩 "White Cloud" (voice) aka Xiao Qian
Once Upon a Time in China and America 黃飛鴻之西域雄獅 (cameo)
action director
aka Once Upon a Time in China and America
Double Team action director
1998 Knock Off KO 雷霆一擊 action director
2nd unit director
The Pale Sky 沒有小鳥的天空 "Yan"
1999 No Problem 無問題 Himself aka Yes, I Am Mr. Mountain
2001 The Legend of Zu 蜀山傳 "White Eyebrows" aka Zu Warriors
The Avenging Fist 拳神 "Inspector Dark" aka Fight Zone
2002 The Hidden Enforcers 殺手狂龍 "King"
Flying Dragon, Leaping Tiger 龍騰虎躍 "Lu Zheng-yang" aka Dragon Soaring, Tiger Leaping
2003 Men Suddenly in Black 大丈夫 "Sammo Hung" (cameo)
The Medallion 飛龍再生 action director
2004 Astonishing 驚心動魄 "Director Ko" (cameo)
Around the World in 80 Days 環遊世界八十天 "Wong Fei-hung" (cameo)
Kung Fu Hustle 功夫 action director
Osaka Wrestling Restaurant 香港廚神 "gourmet chef" (cameo) aka 大阪達一餐
2005 Legend of the Dragon 龍威父子 "Dragon Ki"
action director
Dragon Squad 猛龍 "Kong Long" aka Dragon Heat
SPL: Sha Po Lang 殺破狼 "Wong Po" aka Kill Zone
2007 Twins Mission 雙子神偷 "Uncle Luck"
2008 Fatal Move 奪帥 "Lin Ho-lung"
Three Kingdoms: Resurrection of the Dragon 三國志見龍卸甲 "Luo Ping-an"
action director
Wushu 武術 "Li Kui"
Ip Man 葉問 action director aka The Legend of Yip Man
aka 葉問傳
Grandmaster Yip Man
2009 Kung Fu Chefs 功夫廚神 "Wong Ping-yee"
Howling Arrow 響箭 director
action director
Post-production (delayed)
He Who Would Be King 王者
2010 14 Blades 錦衣衛 "Prince Qing"
Ip Man 2 葉問2 "Hung Chan-nam"
action director
Detective Dee and the Mystery of the Phantom Flame 狄仁傑之通天帝國 action director
art director
The Legend is Born – Ip Man 葉問前傳 "Chan Wah-shun"
Paladin Du Xin Wu 大俠杜心五 pre-production
Tieqiao San 鐵橋三
2011 Choy Lee Fut 蔡李彿 "Chan Tin-loi" aka Fight To Fight
My Kingdom 大武生 action director
Road Less Traveled 樂之路 "Mr. Lee"
A Simple Life 桃姐 "Director Hung" (cameo)
2012 Naked Soldier 赤裸戰士 "CK Long" / " Lung Chi-keung"
The Last Tycoon 大上海 "Hong Shouting"
Tai Chi 0 太極之零開始 action director
Tai Chi Hero 太極2 英雄崛起 action director
2013 Princess and the Seven Kung Fu Masters 笑功震武林 "Lam Kwok-tung"
The Wrath of Vajra action director
2014 Once Upon a Time in Shanghai 惡戰 "Master Tie"
Rise of the Legend 黃飛鴻之英雄有夢 "Lui Kung"
2016 The Bodyguard 特工爺爺 "Ting Fu"
The Monkey King 2 西遊記之孫悟空三打白骨精 action director
Call of Heroes 危城 action director aka The Deadly Reclaim
God of War 戰神戚繼光

Dragon Laws television films[edit]

Year Series title Chinese title Role Channel Notes
2003 Dragon Laws I: The Undercover 特警飛龍之一 - 臥底威龍 "Police Officer Lung"  China - aka Undercover Cop
Dragon Laws II: Kidnapped 特警飛龍之二 - 大綁架 "Police Officer Lung"  China -
Dragon Laws III: Smuggled Weapons 特警飛龍之三 - 走私軍火 "Police Officer Lung"  China -
Dragon Laws IV: Weapon on Sale 特警飛龍之四 - 炸彈狂徒 "Police Officer Lung"  China -
Dragon Laws V: Diamond Trades 特警飛龍之五 - 鑽石大盜 "Police Officer Lung"  China - aka Diamond Theft

Television series[edit]

Year Series title Chinese title Role Channel Notes
1986 Facial Reaction 三角錯愛 Unknown  Hong Kong - TVB TV comedian mini-play
1995 Master Huang 人海孤鴻 "Wong Siu-wu"  Taiwan
1996 Taipei Love Story 台北愛情故事
1998 Martial Law 過江龍 "Sammo Law"  United States - CBS
1999 Early Edition 早期版本 "Sammo Law"  United States - CBS Season 3, Episode 22 Play It Again, Sammo
2000 Walker, Texas Ranger 沃克,德州骑警 "Sammo Law"  United States - CBS The Day of Cleansing: Part 2
2002 The Valley of Lost Vengeance 断仇谷 "Wan Bo-long"  China aka End Enmity Hollow
2005 Coming Lies 偸天換日 "Cash's stepfather"  Taiwan aka Steal Day
aka Steal Day In Inside
2006 Wing Chun 詠春 "Wong Wah-bo"  Hong Kong - TVB
2008 The Shaolin Warriors 少林寺之僧兵传奇 "Big Foot" aka "Da-jiao Seng"  China - CCTV aka 少林僧兵
The Disciple 龍的傳人 guest judge  China - China Beijing TV Station


Year Documentary title Chinese title Notes
1973 Bruce Lee: The Man and the Legend 李小龍的生與死
1977 Bruce Lee, The Legend 李小龍傳奇
1990 The Best of the Martial Arts Films 金裝武術電影大全
1998 Cinema of Vengeance
Jackie Chan: My Story 成龍的傳奇
Bruce Lee: The Path of the Dragon
2000 Bruce Lee: A Warrior's Journey 李小龍:勇士的旅程 aka 死亡遊戲之旅
2002 The Art of Action: Martial Arts in Motion Picture 功夫片歲月
Modern Warriors 演職員表
2003 Swordfighting 刀光劍影
Cinema Hong Kong: Kung Fu 電影香江:功夫世家 aka Chop Socky: Cinema Hong Kong
Red Trousers – The Life of the Hong Kong Stuntmen 紅褲子



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