Sammy (band)

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Background information
Origin New York, NY, United States
Genres Alternative rock, indie rock
Years active 1994–1996
Labels Smells Like Records
Fire Records (UK)
Past members Luke Wood
Jesse Hartman
Al Hartland
Tony Maxwell

Sammy was the partnership of guitarist Luke Wood and guitarist/vocalist Jesse Hartman. The band was initially signed to Smells Like Records, the label owned by Sonic Youth drummer Steve Shelley. Later the band signed to DGC/Geffen. The band was signed to Fire Records in the UK and Europe.

The band released two albums, an EP, and multiple singles before calling it quits. Debut Album (issued in 1994) and Kings of the Island Empire (an EP issued in 1995) were both put out by Smells Like Records. Their second and final full-length, Tales of Great Neck Glory, which was issued by DGC/Geffen, followed in 1996 shortly before the band decided to split up.


  • Debut Album Album (1994)
  • Kings of the Island Empire EP (1995) -- featured drummer Tony Maxwell from the band that dog.
  • Tales of Great Neck Glory Album (1996) -- featured Mike Corn & Brendan O'Malley from the band Love Child and Alexis Fleisig from Girls Against Boys.

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