Sammy Corporation

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Sammy Corporation
Subsidiary of Sega Sammy
Founded November 1, 1975
Founder Hajime Satomi
Headquarters Shiodome Sumitomo Building 21F, 1-9-2 Higashi Shimbashi, Minato, Tokyo
Key people
Hajime Satomi (President)
Keishi Nakayama (Co-President/Chief Creative Officer)
Toru Katamoto (Executive Vice President)
Number of employees
1,105 (FY 2013)
Parent Sega Sammy Holdings
Website Sammy Corporation (Japanese)
Sammy Corporation (English)

Sammy Corporation (サミー株式会社?) was established on November 1, 1975 and is a leading developer and retailer of pachinko and pachislot systems in Japan.

They are also known for publishing a small number of videogames such as the Guilty Gear, The Rumble Fish and Survival Arts series of fighting games.

In 2004, they merged with Sega as a new company called Sega Sammy Holdings Inc. Most videogame businesses transferred into Sega.

Sammy Networks Co., Ltd. (株式会社サミーネットワークス?) provides digital versions of its pachinko and pachislot games on PC and mobile in Japan. This part of the company is managed by Sega.