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Samonikli: Marko Novaković, Milan Pavlov, Bojan Drndić,
Vukašin Veljković (on drums)
Background information
Origin Belgrade, SR Serbia, SFR Yugoslavia
Genres Beat music, rock, instrumental rock
Years active 1963–1969
Brief reunions: 1985, 2003, 2005, 2006
Past members Milan Pavlov
Marko Novaković
Bojan Drndić
Vukašin Veljković
Marin Pečjak
Branislav Grujić
Slobodan Matijević

Samonikli (Serbian Cyrillic: Самоникли, trans. Indigenous) was a former Yugoslav rock band, notable as one of the pioneers of the former Yugoslav rock scene



The band Samonikli was formed in 1963 by four Belgrade high school students. The band was named after a book of short stories by writer Prežihov Voranc. Group members changed frequently in the early period, but by 1964 they stabilized in the following lineup: Marin Pečjak (vocals), Milan Pavlov (guitar), Marko Novaković (bass guitar), Bojan Drndić (rhythm guitar) and Vukašin Veljković (drums). Initially the band performed at school proms and college dance parties. The band covered rock hits, as well as traditional songs and 1930s and 1940s schlagers, while their own songs were mostly The Shadows-inspired instrumentals.

In 1965 and 1966 they played regularly at dances at the University of Belgrade's Faculty of Technology and soon became widely popular. In 1966 they won first place at a country-wide youth festival of rock bands, which entitled them to represent their country at an international festival of youth orchestras in Hungary, which featured well-known Eastern European groups, such as Illés, Metró, Omega, and others, where they were viewed as a "western" group. The April 1966 issue of Belgrade youth magazine Susret wrote that Samonikli were the first "electric guitar band" in Belgrade to work with a group of violinists, preparing their subsequent two recordings, "Dozvoljavate li gospodine" and "Povetarac i ja", the latter of which became one of the top hits of 1966 on a popular Radio Belgrade II music program called Muzički automat.

At the end of 1966 they were joined by the drummer Branislav Grujić. They were featured in a very popular series of shows on Belgrade Television called Koncert za ludi mladi svet (Concert for a Young and Crazy World). Their recordings were featured in many popular radio programs, including Nedeljom u devet i pet (Sunday at 9:05), produced and hosted by Nikola Karaklajić. Towards the end of their career in 1967 and 1968, they covered many hits by The Jimi Hendrix Experience. They disbanded in early 1969 to pursue other professional interests.


In December 1985, Samonikli reunited to play in Belgrade's Dom Sindikata Hall, along with many other popular sixties groups, at a commemorative concert marking the 25th anniversary of rock music in Belgrade. In 2003, marking their 40th anniversary, Samonikli held a dance concert for their friends and fans at the Duga Club in Belgrade, returning to their instrumental music. In 2005 and 2006 they held two dance concerts for several hundreds of fans in Belgrade's Park Restaurant.


Although featured in radio and television shows, none of Samonikli recordings was ever officially released on vinyl record or any other format.

  • "Povetarac i ja" (Radio Belgrade)
  • "Dozvoljavate li gospodine" (Radio Belgrade)
  • "Usamljena gitara" (Radio Belgrade)
  • "Ne ustupam vam svoje mesto" (Radio Belgrade)
  • "Gde su ruže nestale" (Radio Belgrade)
  • "Massachusetts" (Radio Belgrade)
  • "Mene moja nana" (Radio Belgrade)
  • "Izgubljena ljubav" (Radio Belgrade)
  • "Budi se Istok i Zapad" (Radio Belgrade)
  • "Heroj Tito" (Radio Belgrade)
  • "Napisao sam volim te u pesku" (TV Belgrade)
  • "Takav čovek" (TV Belgrade)
  • "Da li vidiš" (TV Belgrade)


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