Sampat Singh

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Sampat Singh
Member of Legislative Assembly
Constituency Nalwa, Fatehabad, Bhattu Kalan
Personal details
Political party Indian National Congress Flag of the Indian National Congress.svg
Spouse(s) Krishna Singh
Children Gaurav Singh, Saurabh Singh
Residence 112, Sec 15 Hisar
As of October 22, 2009

Sampat Singh (born in 1949 in Bhattu Kalan, Fatehabad District, Haryana) is a former Finance Minister of Haryana, India. He was elected to the Haryana Legislative Assembly for the Janata Party in the Bhattu Kalan constituency in 1982 and was leader of the opposition from 1991 to 1996. He is the most senior Indian National Congress legislator in 12th Haryana assembly, having been elected six times since 1982. In the past, he has handled many important portfolios in state govt as minister.

Entry to politics[edit]

Sampat Singh met Tau Chaudhary Devilal in Hisar in 1977. Subsequently, when Tau came to power, Singh was appointed as Personal Secretary to the Chief Minister, Chaudhary Devilal. In 1979, when Devilal ceded his Assembly constituency seat at Bhattu in order to contest as a Member of Parliament, Singh became his successor as MLA.

Left Indian National Lok Dal[edit]

Singh contested election from Hisar Lok Sabha Constituency on NDA ticket. He lost this election to Former chief minister Bhajanlal with a narrow margin of 6900 votes.

Heeding views of his close supporters, Singh quit INLD[1] on 14 July 2009 and held a meeting with his supporters and workers on 18 July 2009 in Hisar.[2] According to Singh, announcing that he was quitting the part was the worst day of his life. He joined the INC in July 2009.[3]

Recent win[edit]

The INC selected Singh as their candidate for the Nalwa constituency in Hisar. He then won the seat in the 2009 elections by defeating the sitting member, Jasma Devi of HJC.[4]

Political career[edit]

  • 1972- 1974: Lecturer of Political Science, Dayanand College, Hisar
  • 1974- 1977: Professor of Political Science, Jat College, Hisar
  • 1977- 1979: Political Secy. To Ch. Devi Lal, C.M. Haryana
  • 1980: Election conveyor for Ch. Devi Lal during 7th Lok Sabha Elections
  • 1980: By Election, Contested election from Bhattu Kalan
  • 1981: State Youth Party President till 1984. Voluntary resigned at the age of 35years to make way for other youth members.
  • 1982: Elected to 6th Vidhan Sabha, Bhattu Kalan Constituency, Member, Schedule Caste & Welfare Society of Haryana Vidhan Sabha
  • 1984: District Party President, Hisar till 1987
  • 1987: Elected to 7th Vidhan Sabha, Bhattu Kalan Constituency, Minister of Industry, Excise & Taxation, Town & Country Planning, Home, Local Bodies, Jails, Public Relations, Irrigation & Power, Finance, Parliamentary Affairs & Planning
  • 1991: Elected to 8th Vidhan Sabha, Bhattu Kalan Constituency, Leader of Opposition, Haryana
  • 1996: Contested election from Bhattu Kalan
  • 1998: By Election, Elected to 9th Vidhan Sabha, Fatehabad Constituency, Chairman, Assurance Committee, Haryana Vidhan Sabha
  • 1999: Cabinet Minister for Finance, Parliamentary Affairs & Planning
  • 2000: Elected to 10th Vidhan Sabha, Bhattu Kalan Constituency, Cabinet Minister for Finance, Parliamentary Affairs & Planning
  • 2005: Contested election from Bhattu Kalan
  • 2008: By Election, Contested election from Adampur
  • 2009: Contested 15th Lok Sabha Election from Hisar constituency.He lost this election with very low margin of around 6900 votes.
  • 2009: (14 Jul)Singh quit INLD after remaining associated with the INLD for 32 long years since the time of party supremo and former deputy Chief Minister Devi Lal.
  • 2009: (27 Jul) Singh joined congress party in Chandigarh. He was welcomed by Sh Bhupender Singh Hooda with words “The right man has come to the right party".
  • 2009: (22 Oct) Singh won as Congress Candidate from Nalwa constituency in Hisar dist. With this, he has become 6 times legislator in state assembly thus making him most experienced Congress legislator in 12th Vidhansabha.[5] He defeated Bhajanlal's wife Jasma Devi with a huge margin of 10901 votes. Nalwa, considered to be a pocket borough of Bhajanlal, but Singh's clean image came heavily on Bhajan lal's cast politics. It was first defeat of Bhajanlal clan in state politics.

Positions held[edit]

  • President, District Lok Dal, Hisar ;
  • Member State Lok Dal Executive
  • Member, Haryana Sangharsh Samiti
  • President, Haryana State Yuva Lok Dal
  • National General Secretary, Samajwadi Janata Party


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