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This list of monospaced typefaces details standard monospaced fonts used in classical typesetting and printing.

Samples of Monospaced typefaces
Typeface name Example 1 Example 2 Example 3
Andalé Mono
Designer: Steve Matteson
Andale Mono.svg Andale Mono sample.svg AndaleMono.svg
Designer: Lucas de Groot
Consolas font.svg Consolas sample.svg ConsolasSP.svg
Designer: Howard "Bud" Kettler, Adrian Frutiger
Courier font.svg Courier sample.svg Courier.svg
DejaVu Sans Mono DejaVu Sans Mono font.svg DejaVu Sans Mono sample.svg DejaVu Sans Mono.svg
Droid Sans Mono
Designer: Steve Matteson
Font-Sample-Droid-Sans-Mono.svg Font-Sample-Droid-Sans-Mono plainsvg.svg DroidSansMonoSpecimen.svg
Everson Mono
Designer: Michael Everson
Everson-mono-font.png Everson-mono-sample.png Eversonmono.png
Fira Mono
Designer: Erik Spiekermann, Ralph du Carrois
Fira Mono font specimen.png
Fixed Fixed sample.png
Fixedsys Fixedsys font sample-withText Fixedsys.png Fixedsys Basic.png Fixedsysfontpreview.svg
HyperFont HyperFont sample.svg HyperFontSP.svg
Designer: Raph Levien
Letter Gothic
Designer: Roger Roberson
Letter gothic nom.svg LetterGothic sample.svg LetterGothicSP.svg
Liberation Mono
Designer: Steve Matteson
Font Sample - Liberation Mono.svg
Lucida Console
Designer: Charles Bigelow and Kris Holmes
Lucida Console font.svg Lucida Console sample.svg Lucidaconsole.png
Designer: Jim Lyles
Menlo nameplate sample.svg Menlo pangram sample.svg Menlo font.tiff
Designer: Susan Kare
Monaco font.svg Monaco sample.svg MonacoSpecimen.svg
Designer: Tobias Benjamin Köhler
Monofur font.svg Monofur sample.svg MonofurSP.svg
Monospace (Unicode)
Designer: George Williams
Nimbus Mono L Nimbus Mono Specimen.png
OCR-A OCR-A font.svg OCR-A sample.svg OCR-A SP.svg
Designer: Adrian Frutiger
OCR-B font.svg OCR-B sample.svg OCR-B SP.svg
Overpass Mono
Designer: Delve Withrington
Overpass Mono nameplate.svg Overpass Mono pangram.svg
Designer: Fabrizio Schiavi
PragmataPro name.svg PragmataPro sample.png Pragmata in use.png
Prestige Elite
Designer: Clayton Smith
Prestige Elite.png Prestige Elite sample.png PrestigeEliteSP.svg
Designer: Andrew Welch, Carl Osterwald, Steve Gilardi
ProFont.png ProFontSample.png ProFontSP.svg
PT Mono
Designer: Alexandra Korolkova, Olga Umpelova, Vladimir Yefimov
Source Code Pro
Designer: Paul D. Hunt
Source Code Pro - Typeface name sample.svg Source Code Pro - sample.svg
Class: Spurless
Terminus Specimen.png
Tex Gyre Cursor TeX Gyre Cursor.svg
Trixie Trixie (typeface).svg Trixie sample.svg
UM Typewriter UMTypewriterSpecimen.svg

Additional monospaced typefaces[edit]

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