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This list of script typefaces details standard script fonts used in classical typesetting and printing.


See also: Calligraphy
Samples of Calligraphic Script typefaces
Typeface name Example 1 Example 2 Example 3
American Scribe American Scribe.svg
AMS Euler
Designer: Hermann Zapf, Donald Knuth
AMS Euler.svg AMS Euler sample text.svg
Apple Chancery
Designer: Kris Holmes
Brush Script
Designer: Robert E. Smith
Brush Script.svg Brush Script sample.svg BSSpec.svg
Designer: Michael Want, Richard Kegler
P22 Cezanne.png FONTCezanne.png
Designer: R. Hunter Middleton
Coronet font.svg Coronet sample.svg Coronet fontsample.svg
Declaration Script Declaration Script.png
Declare Declare.GIF
Edwardian Script
Designer: Ed Benguiat
Edwardian Script ITC.svg Kodster.JPG Edwardian Script.svg
FIG Script
Designer: Eric Olson
FIG Script.svg FIGScript.png
French Script French Script MT.svg A Desk Book on the Etiquette of Social Stationery Lettering44B.png
Designer: Phill Grimshaw
Gravura sample.png
Kuenstler Script
Designer: Hans Bohn
Kuenstler Script.svg Kuenstler.svg
Lucida Calligraphy
Designer: Charles Bigelow, Kris Holmes
Lucida Calligraphy font.svg Lucida Calligraphy sample.svg Lucida Calligraphy.svg
Monotype Corsiva
Designer: Patricia Saunders
Monotype Corsiva.svg Modern Script A.svg MonotypeCorsivaSpec.svg
Snell Roundhand
Designer: Matthew Carter
Snell roundhand script.png
Zapf Chancery
Designer: Hermann Zapf
Zapf Chancery.svg Pangramm de Zapf Chancery.png
Designer: Hermann Zapf
Zapfino.png Zapfino sample.png Zapfino.svg


See also: Handwriting
Samples of Handwriting Script typefaces
Typeface name Example 1 Example 2 Example 3
Designer: Steve Matteson
Alexa font.svg Alexa sample.svg
Designer: Steve Matteson
Andy font.svg Andy sample.svg Andy-mead-typeface-spec.svg
Ashley Script
Designer: Ashley Havinden
Ashley Script.svg Ashley Script font example.svg
Designer: Max R. Kaufmann
Balloon (typeface).svg Balloon (typeface) sample.svg
Blackadder Blackadder font.svg Blackadder.svg
Caflisch Script
Designer: Robert Slimbach
Caflisch Script.png CaflischScriptSp.svg
Chalkboard Chalkboard font sample.svg Chalkboard sample.svg Chalkboard font image.png
Comic Sans MS
Designer: Vincent Connare
Comic Sans font.svg Comic Sans sample.svg ComicSansSpec3.svg
Dom Casual
Designer: Peter Dom
Dom Casual.svg Dom Casual sample.svg DomCasual fontsample.svg
Eyadish Eyadish-font-plain 1000.png
Designer: Max R. Kaufmann
Kaufmann (typeface name).png Kaufmann Font Spec.svg
Designer: George Ryan
Kristen typeface.svg KristenSpec.svg
Lobster Lobster Specimen.svg
Lucida Handwriting
Designer: Charles Bigelow, Kris Holmes
Lucida Handwriting font.svg Lucida Handwriting sample.svg Lucida Handwriting.svg
Designer: Roger Excoffon
Mistral font.svg Mistral sample.svg MistralSpec.svg
Designer: Chris Costello
Papyrus (typeface).png Papyrus Font.svg
Pristina Pristina.svg Pristina font example.svg
Rage Rage.svg Rage font example.svg
Viner Hand Viner Hand.svg Viner Hand font example.svg
Wiesbaden Swing
Designer: Rosemarie Kloos-Rau
Wiesbaden Swing Headline.svg

Additional script typefaces[edit]

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