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This list of samples of script typefaces details standard script fonts used in printing, classical typesetting and printing.


See also: Calligraphy
Typeface Table
Typeface name Example 1 Example 2 Example 3
American Scribe American Scribe.svg
AMS Euler AMS Euler.svg AMS Euler sample text.svg
Apple Chancery AppleChancery4and221-225thsExample.svg
Brush Script Brush Script.svg Brush Script sample.svg BSSpec.svg
Cézanne FONTCezanne.png
Coronet Coronet font.svg Coronet sample.svg Coronet fontsample.svg
Declaration Script Declaration Script.png
Declare Declare.GIF
Edwardian Script Edwardian Script ITC.svg Kodster.JPG Edwardian Script.svg
FIG Script FIG Script.svg FIGScript.png
French Script French Script MT.svg A Desk Book on the Etiquette of Social Stationery Lettering44B.png
Gravura Gravura sample.png
Kuenstler Script Kuenstler Script.svg Kuenstler.svg
Lucida Calligraphy Lucida Calligraphy font.svg Lucida Calligraphy sample.svg Lucida Calligraphy.svg
Monotype Corsiva Monotype Corsiva.svg Modern Script A.svg MonotypeCorsivaSpec.svg
Zapf Chancery Zapf Chancery.svg Pangramm de Zapf Chancery.png
Zapfino Zapfino.png Zapfino sample.png Zapfino.svg


See also: Handwriting
Typeface Table
Typeface name Example 1 Example 2 Example 3
Andy Andy font.svg Andy sample.svg Andy-mead-typeface-spec.svg
Ashley Script Ashley Script.svg Ashley Script font example.svg
Balloon Balloon (typeface).svg Balloon (typeface) sample.svg
Blackadder Blackadder font.svg Blackadder.svg
Chalkboard Chalkboard font sample.svg Chalkboard sample.svg
Comic Sans MS Comic Sans font.svg Comic Sans sample.svg ComicSansSpec3.svg
Dom Casual Dom Casual.svg Dom Casual sample.svg DomCasual fontsample.svg
Eyadish Eyadish-font-plain 1000.png
Kristen Kristen typeface.svg KristenSpec.svg
Lobster Lobster Specimen.svg
Lucida Handwriting Lucida Handwriting font.svg Lucida Handwriting sample.svg Lucida Handwriting.svg
Mistral Mistral font.svg Pangramm de Mistral.png MistralSpec.svg
Papyrus Papyrus Font.svg
Pristina Pristina.svg Pristina font example.svg
Rage Rage.svg Rage font example.svg
Viner Hand Viner Hand.svg Viner Hand font example.svg
Wiesbaden Swing Wiesbaden Swing Headline.svg

Additional script typefaces[edit]

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