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A simulation typeface is a display typeface designed after a unique or stereotypical aspect of the letterforms or scripts of a different language.[1][2][3]

Name Example 1 Example 2 Example 3
Bagel (typeface) (Hebrew/Latin) Bagel (typeface).png
Circumcision (typeface) (Hebrew/Latin) Circumcision (typeface).png
Faux Arabic (Arabic/Latin) Faux Arabic.png
Faux Chinese (Chinese/Latin) Faux Chinese.png
Faux Hebrew (Hebrew/Latin) Faux Hebrew.png
Faux Sanskrit (Devanagari/Latin) Faux Sanskrit.png
Hananiah (typeface) (Hebrew/Latin) Hananiah (typeface).png
Herculanum (typeface) Herculanum (typeface).png
Lithos (Greek epigraphic/Latin) LithosPro.png
Rusticana Rusticana font.svg Rusticana sample.svg
Samarkan (typeface) (Devanagari/Latin) Samarkan.png
Sherwood (typeface) Sherwood (typeface).png
Skia (typeface) (Greek epigraphic/Latin) Skia Typeface.svg Skia.png Skiaspecimen3.svg
Talmud (typeface) (Hebrew/Latin) Talmud.png

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