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Sampooranathevan is a mythical figure found in Ayyavazhi mythology. He was considered a powerful Deva of Deiva Loga.

Para Devathai[edit]

Sampooranathevan of Deiva Loga and Paradevathai of Yama Loga had fallen in love. So, when Sampooranathevan asked Thirumal to be granted birth into the world, he requested the same be given to his lover. Paradevathai earlier had been married to a man of Yama Loga, but since had left him.

Thirumal refused, asserting that Para Devathai was already a wife, and that Sampooranathevan was from Deiva loga and she was from Yama Loga (a class difference). Thirumal stated that Sampooranathevan's physical birth would be great but hers would not, so Sampooranathevan's was wrong, encouraging Sampooranathevan to drop the matter. However Sampooranathevan replied, "Your Highness, only at the most lovable place does the Ultimate love (love towards God) begin and not at a random place. [Implying that his love was of divine origin.] Isn't that true? So, please fulfill my desire. Also, I promise to you, I will be most affectionate to her." [bracket added by editors] So Thirumal allowed them to perform austrity, to take birth united and sublime.

Failure of Tavam[edit]

Sampooranathevan and Para Devathai began performing austrity. When their tavam was close to an end, they saw Indra going that way. Until then their tapas had not met with any problem. But on seeing Indra a desire originated in the mind of Sampooranathevan. He asked Paradevathai, " My dear, it will be fine if you and I, with the crown of Indra, rule the world." Paradevathai replied: "Fine dear, but even if Brahma created us like that, may it be eternal." She was pointing out to him his libidinious enjoyment.

Meanwhile, in Kailai, Sivan and Thirumal were discussing how to destroy Kali, after sending Lakshmi to grow as magaram in the sea, to give birth to a child for destroying Kali (She was also asked to perform austrity in the sea). Thirumal told him about Sampooranathevan and Paradevathai and about their tavam. He also said that it was time for the closure of their tavam and time to offer birth to them, and he suggested that they all go together to them. Thirumal and Sivan came to see the tavam. On seeing them Sampooranathevan and Paradevathai welcomed and praised them.

At the very first moment of seeing them, Sivan told Thirumal that their tavam met with failure, as they had desired the crown of Indra. On hearing this Thirumal asked Sampooranathevan to illustrate. But he wondered : "I only speak of my thought with my lady with my eyes. We only communicate from mind to mind. Your greatness, How were you able to sense that." In saying this he fell on the feet of Sivan and Thirumal and asked them to excuse the misdeed. Paradevathai too cried for their rescue. They still implored Sivan and Thirumal to unite them.

Birth of Paradevathai[edit]

On seeing this Thirumal told Paradevathai that since your austrity met with failure, and because of your previous husband's sufferings due to your separation, you will be born in the world in Yamakulam and will be married to your husband of Yama Lokam. You will suffer there. You will fall ill and live without any happiness. You will not have any bodily relations with him. But still you will do all your duties to him as per the karma. At that time Sampooranathevan will be born in the world in Devakulam and will lead a joyful life in the world. Due to your previous intimacy you two will meet each other and will fall in love with each other. You will not take care of God, your father, mother, or relations, and you will consider Sampooranathevan as your husband. You will suffer due to your defamation by others. Then you will seek supreme bliss and will realise (the Ultimate real truth) God and you will be granted moksha. By saying this she was born in the world.

Acceptance of Sampooranathevan[edit]

Thirumal told Sampooranathevan that his request for Paradevathai's birth had been granted. Sampooranathevan praised them and also requested that they pardon his sin (desiring the crown of Indra). Mayon replied that, she, Paradevathai, fell in love with you even though her husband was alive. That is a sin. You performed tavam to purify her. It too failed. So you too must be born in the world and suffer like her. There, due to your deep love for her, your mind will tend to commit suicide without unifying with her. You and Paradevathai will live as husband and wife. At that time I will come and take you and transform you and give you birth as my son. And by you, I will wipe out my sorrows due to the sufferings of The Santror.

Sampooranathevan replied: "Your greatness, I was asked to be born in the world which is full of evil and sorrows. I request that you create me in the primitive Santror race. I also request that you save not only me but also the santror makkal among whom I am going to be born. And he asked Thirumal to say when he would go into the world to rescue him. Thirumal replied that he would be created in the world in the Santror race in Devakulam, and he pointed out some events which would take place in the world at the time of his arrival. Then Sampooranathevan praised Sivan and Thirumal and was born."

Birth of Sampooranathevan[edit]

The celestial gods were ordered by Thirumal to bring the Spirit of Narayana, which was kept in the Parvatha Ucchi Malai, a mythical mountain which was north in the Thuvaraiyam Pathi. The spirit was brought there in a (ratham). The spirit was unified with the soul of Sampooranathevan. Then several instructions was given to it. This assemblage was to be given birth in the world in a human body. The suitable body was sought and found. The body was given birth by Veiyelal, wife of Ponnu Nadar. Then the spirit of Narayana along with the Soul of Sampooranathevan were installed in to the body. This child grew and became known in history as Muthukutty.

Life of Sampooranathevan[edit]

The boy was initially named Mudisoodum perumal, but due to the pressure from higher castes the name was changed to Muthukutty. He started his life as a palm climber. He met Paradevathi and lived like a husband with his wife. Paradevathi soon gave birth to a son, but it was claimed that her first husband was the father. Akilam does not say anything about any birth. At age 24 he fell ill, and in a dream of his mother Narayana asked her to take her son to Thiruchendur temple. He was taken to Thiruchendur where he was given moksha.

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