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Sampson State Park (along with Sampson State Park Beach) is located in Seneca County, New York in the USA. During World War II, it became the site of the Sampson Naval Training Station, then, during the Korean War it became the Sampson Air Force Base, again providing basic training. It is also located next to the former Seneca Army Depot, a munitions storage site. Most buildings are gone leaving a network of 38 miles (61 km) of once paved roads and trails in a wooded 3-square-mile (7.8 km2) area. The surviving building housing the "brig" today hosts a museum featuring displays that depict the activities and lives of the hundreds of thousands of Navy and Air Force personnel as they trained to go to war at Sampson.

Many people enjoy coming to Sampson State Park for the museum, camping, swimming and to remember their days spent at Sampson.

The park is south of Geneva, New York in the Town of Romulus on the east shore of Seneca Lake, one of the Finger Lakes.

Military Museum[edit]

The park is home to a museum run by volunteer Air Force and Navy veterans. The museum holds many artifacts and displays that were around when Sampson was a military base. The museum hours are depend on volunteer support, but are usually open on the weekend.

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