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Sams can refer to:


Born before 1950[edit]

  • Ferrol Sams (1922-2013), American physician and novelist
  • Eric Sams (1926–2004), British musicologist and Shakespeare scholar
  • B. J. Sams (television) (born 1935), American local television news personality
  • Michael Sams (born 1941), English capital criminal
  • B. B. Sams (born 1944), American artist and illustrator
  • George W. Sams, Jr. (born c. 1946), former field marshal of the American Black Panther Party
  • Greg Sams (born 1948), American-British artist, author, inventor; creator of the veggie burger
  • John B. Sams (living), American Air Force Lieutenant General and businessman
  • William Sams (1792–1871), Australian government official and entrepreneur

Born after 1950[edit]

See also[edit]

  • Mike Sammes (1928–2001), British musician and vocal session arranger.