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Samsenwittayalai School (Thai: โรงเรียนสามเสมวิทยาลัย) is a co-educational school in Thailand. It consists of two levels of education, lower secondary education and higher secondary education.

The abbreviation of Samsenwittayalai School is "SS" (Thai abbreviation: ส.ส.). This school is in Bangkok's Phaya Thai District. The number of students in this school approximately 3,600 students.

Samsenwittayalai is one of 283 very selective schools in Thailand. It admits about 240 Matthayom 1 students yearly, but has more than three applicants for each place. The is led to some dubious practices. In 2017, the school director was removed from his position when he was accused of demanding a 400,000 baht payment for admitting a student.[1] He was subsequently found guilty and fired from his position.[2] He was found to be involved in other bribery cases worth a total of about eight million baht. "His guilt was obvious as he took the money but failed to put it in the school's coffers", said an official of the Office of Basic Education Commission (OBEC).[3]

School symbol[edit]

The symbol consists of a beacon above an abbreviation of the school inside a circle. The mark also consists of a philosophy with the meaning of that philosophy written around the circle. The name of the school is on a green ribbon under the circle.

School flag[edit]

The symbol of the school is placed at the corner of a flag which is half pink and half green, the school colors.


In 1951, the Ministry of Education (Thailand) built a school in Bangkok (previously called: พระนคร) named Rang Nam School (Thai: โรงเรียนรางน้ำ). On 20 December 1951, the Ministry of Education renamed it Sriayudhya School (Thai: โรงเรียนศรีอยุธยา).

On 15 April 1955, the Ministry of Education separated the school into two locations. The name of the second school is Samsenwittayalai School. Boys and girls were brought to study from grade 7 to grade 12. This date was established as the school's ceremonial founding day.


  • The first building was constructed in 1954. This building consists of an agriculture classroom, greeting room, meeting room, old Samsenwittayalai student association room, nursing room, office of finance and asset management and office of student affairs.
  • The Science and Mathematics Building was rebuilt in 1969.
  • The third building was rebuilt in 1974. It consists of an audiovisual room, ICT room, office of languages and office of society religion and culture. A shop and bank are on the first floor of the building.
  • The Art Building was rebuilt in 1989. It has a library on the first floor and consists of an art and music classroom.
  • The Gym is used for physical education. There is a tennis court near the gym.
  • The English Program Building was built in 1964.


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