Samson Unit

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Shimshon 367 Unit.jpg
Shimshon 367 Badge
Active 1986-1995
Country  Israel
Branch  Israeli Infantry Corps
Type Mista'arvim
Role Special Reconnaissance
Undercover Counterterrorism
Size ~250
Garrison/HQ Nuria Military Base

Samson Unit, or Shimshon (שמשון‎), was a special forces unit within the Israeli Defense Forces named after the biblical figure Samson. Shimshon unit's modus operandi focused on undercover military operations against Palestinian militants in the Gaza Strip.[1][2] Shimshon was disbanded in 1995 following the Oslo Accords. The Samson Unit had a "sister unit" Duvdevan, which operated in the West Bank.


Samson Unit's roles are believed to have included: