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Samsung Corning Precision Glass

Joint venture

between Samsung and Corning Inc.
Founded May 15, 1995
Headquarters Flag of South Korea.svg Tangjeong, Asan-City, Chungcheongnam-do, South Korea
Key people
Hun-Sik Lee: President and CEO [1]
Products TFT LCD Glass Substrates

Samsung Corning Precision Glass produces optimizing materials for the electronics industry and glass substrates that are a critical part of TFT-LCDs in Korea.


During the 1980s, Corning Inc. developed a technology known as the overflow downdraw method or fusion method for making glass substrates used in TFT-LCD (Thin Film Transistor Liquid Crystal Display) panels. In 1995, Samsung and Corning Inc. established a jointly owned equity company by the name of Samsung Corning Precision Glass in Gumi, North Kyungsang Province. After multiple upgrades, this plant operates 10 to 12 production lines shipping out over 400,000,000 square feet (37,000,000 m2) of high-quality glass per year. In 2002, a second plant was constructed in Asan, South Chungchong Province, positioning the company as Korea's largest TFT-LCD glass substrates provider with over 800,000,000 square feet (74,000,000 m2) of glass shipments per year.

Products : TFT-LCD Glass substrates[edit]

Glass substrates provided by Samsung Corning Precision Glass are used to make TFT-LCDs, a display for laptop computers, LCD monitors, LCD TVs and other handheld devices like digital cameras, PDAs and navigators.

Glass substrates for TFT-LCD panels require pristine surface quality and must withstand heat without being transformed. These requirements are not satisfied by ordinary glass. The overflow downdraw method employed by this company leaves the glass untouched by any material but air during its formation. The resulting glass substrates are alkaline-free and designed to maintain high resistance against chemical agents and heat.

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