Samsung E1107

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Samsung E1107
Samsung E1107.jpg
Manufacturer Samsung
Compatible networks GSM 900, GSM 1800
Successor Samsung S7550
Form factor candybar
Dimensions 105.2 x 44.15 x 16.4
Weight 119 g
Storage 1.5MB (up to 500 Contacts)
Battery Li-ion 800 mAh
Data inputs Numeric keypad
Display 128x128px, 1.52in, 65K CSTN
Other solar panel

The Samsung E1107 (also known as Crest Solar or Solar Guru) is a mobile phone designed for a rural lower budget market. It was first released in India on July 10 2009 with an initial price of 2799रू (Indian rupees).


The feature set is spartial(clock, alarm, timer, stopwatch, organizer, T9 predictive text, calculator, converter, 10 polyphonic ringtones, 5 menu color themes, 3 wallpapers, 2 games (Sudoku, Super Jewel quest), vibration, profiles, phonebook (500 entries), call log (30 entries)) .

Additionally it has features especially interesting for a rural consumer market like a led lamp and power saving mode. It also has support for a built-in phone tracker and SOS messages. No connectivity like USB, Bluetooth or Infrared is supported.


The Indian version also included a proprietary "Mobile prayer", a specialized feature for Indian religions that includes prayers and wallpapers for each as well as alerts for prayer time.

Solar panel[edit]

The battery supports up to 570 hours of standby or 8 hours of talk time. It can be charged through the solar panel for additional 5-10 minutes of talk time per hour of charging. According to the user manual the phone is not supposed to run on solar power alone for an extended period of time.

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