Samsung E1120

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Samsung E1120
Samsung E1120.jpg
Manufacturer Samsung
Compatible networks 2G Network, GSM 900 / GSM 1800
Availability by country Available
Dimensions 106 x 43 x 15
Weight 66 g
Battery Li-ion
Display 128 x 128 pixels

The Samsung E1120 is a mobile phone made by Samsung, released in 2009. It is designed for lower budget markets, and is a small, light, basic and simple phone.


  • Clock, Alarm, Calendar, Organizer
  • Calculator, Converter
  • T9 predictive text
  • Hands-free operation, Vibration
  • Games
  • Phone tracker
  • SOS messages
  • Torch light
  • Stopwatch, Timer
  • Profiles
  • Wallpapers, Themes
  • Power saving mode
  • uTrack

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