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Samsung Mobile Innovator is a cross platform program (Currently supporting Java, Symbian, bada and Windows Mobile based devices) developed by Samsung to establish a relationship with software developers and other contributors to the mobile ecosystem in developing, testing, and distributing mobile applications and ideas. The relationships are established and maintained through a website, forums, a blog and social networking sites.


The program entered beta on September 1, 2008[1] and was announced during the October 2008 Smartphone Show in Earls Court, London by Ho-Shoo Lee, EVP of the Mobile Solutions center for Samsung Electronics.[2] At the launch of the program only Symbian S60 based devices were supported. Presently Windows Mobile and Java based phones are also supported through the program.

The Samsung Mobile Innovator site was initially launched in English only. On March 13, 2009 the site was expanded to also included Chinese [3]

Development and testing[edit]

While mobile devices running the same operating system will support many of the same APIs features that are specific to an OEM are generally not accessible to developers without some amount of reverse engineering. Samsung has made many of the phone specific features available to developers through documentation and an SDK giving developers the ability to control and interact with mobile device's LEDs, camera flash, accelerometer, on other device specific features that are not exposed through the operating system's APIs.

Developers can also test their applications remotely through what Samsung calls Though a developer can reserve time for a specific Samsung phone and remotely upload their application to the phone and interact with the phone through their browser.

Distribution and marketing[edit]

Samsung accepts business proposals through their program. Software publishers will be able to distribute their applications through the a Samsung Application Store. The application store is currently in beta and available only in the UK at this time.

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