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Samsung Pay
Developer(s)Samsung Electronics
Initial releaseAugust 20, 2015; 8 years ago (2015-08-20)
Operating system
PlatformSelected Samsung Galaxy smartphones & Galaxy Watch smartwatches

Samsung Pay (stylized as SΛMSUNG Pay) is a mobile payment and digital wallet service, operated by the South Korean company Samsung Electronics. It lets users make payments using compatible smartphones and other Samsung-produced devices, accessed using the Samsung Wallet app.

First launched in 2015, the service supports contactless payments using near-field communications (NFC), but also supports magnetic strip-only payment terminals by incorporating magnetic secure transmission (MST) in devices released before 2021.[1][2] In India, it also supports bill payments.[3]


Samsung Pay was developed from the intellectual property of LoopPay, a crowdfunded startup company that Samsung acquired in February 2015 for an estimated $300m, one of the largest acquisitions made by the firm. The service supports both NFC-based mobile payment systems (which are prioritized when support is detected),[4] as well as those that only support magnetic stripes. This is accomplished via a technology known as magnetic secure transmission (MST), which emulates the swipe of a permanent magnet strip past a reader by generating the near-field magnetic waveform directly. LoopPay's developers stated that because of this design, the technology would work with "nearly 90%" of all point-of-sale units in the United States (which excludes terminals that require the card to be physically inserted into a slot in order to function).[2]

On phones, the Samsung Pay menu is launched by swiping from the bottom of the screen. Different credit, debit and loyalty cards can be loaded into the app, and selected by swiping between them on-screen.[4]

In South Korea, Samsung Pay can be used for online payments[5] and to withdraw money on selected banks' ATMs.[6]

In Mainland China, Samsung Pay supports In-app payments, QR code payments (Alipay, and WeChat Pay) and public transportation cards of Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, and other cities.

In Hong Kong, Samsung Pay can be linked with Octopus cards, called Smart Octopus, to make electronic payments with stored value service for payments in online or offline systems.[7]

In India, Samsung Pay supports Unified Payments Interface (UPI) and BharatQR, but for bank accounts only, not via credit cards like Google Pay.[8] It also supports bill payments via the Bharat Bill Payment System (BBPS).[3]

In May 2020, Samsung Pay unveiled Samsung Money by SoFi, a mobile-first money management experience that makes available a cash management account and accompanying Mastercard debit card via the Samsung Pay app, in partnership with fintech company SoFi.[9]

In June 2022, Samsung Pay was renamed to Samsung Wallet in the US, UK, France, Germany, Italy, and Spain. Along with the renaming came new features such as the ability to store digital assets and digital keys within the Wallet app. These new features also came to the Samsung Pay app in South Korea, despite it not adopting the new "Samsung Wallet" name.[10][11]


Samsung Pay's security measures are based on Samsung Knox and ARM TrustZone technologies; credit card information is stored in a secure token.[4] Payments must be authenticated using a fingerprint scan or passcode.[12][13]

In August 2016, security researcher Salvador Mendoza disclosed a potential flaw with Samsung Pay, arguing that its security tokens were not sufficiently randomized and could become predictable. He also designed a handheld device that could be used to skim magnetic secure transmission tokens, and another which could spoof magnetic stripes on actual card readers using the token. Samsung responded to the report, stating that "If at any time there is a potential vulnerability, we will act promptly to investigate and resolve the issue".[14]

Samsung Pay will not work with devices whose Knox warranty bit is tripped.


Global availability of Samsung Pay

Supported countries[edit]

Samsung Pay in South Korea, for all intents and purposes, is the Samsung Wallet app. It just is not known as the same name that it is known by in other regions.


(In chronological Order)

Support for payment cards issued in Samsung Wallet availability
August 20, 2015 South Korea South Korea[15] Partial
September 28, 2015 United States United States[15][16] Yes
March 29, 2016 China China[17][18] Yes
June 2, 2016 Spain Spain[19] Yes
June 15, 2016 Australia Australia[20] Yes
June 16, 2016 Singapore Singapore[21] Yes
July 13, 2016 Puerto Rico Puerto Rico[22]
July 19, 2016 Brazil Brazil[23] Yes
September 28, 2016 Russia Russia[24] (Only Mir)[25][note 1]
November 8, 2016 Canada Canada[28][29] Yes
February 24, 2017 Malaysia Malaysia[30] Yes
March 22, 2017 India India[31] Yes
April 27, 2017 Sweden Sweden[32] Yes
United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates[33] Yes
May 16, 2017 United Kingdom United Kingdom[34] Yes
May 23, 2017 Switzerland Switzerland[35] Yes
Taiwan Taiwan[36] Yes
May 25, 2017 Hong Kong Hong Kong[37] Yes
September 28, 2017 Vietnam Vietnam[38] Yes
November 15, 2017 Belarus Belarus[39]
March 22, 2018 Italy Italy[40][41] Yes
April 26, 2018 France France[42] Yes
August 21, 2018 South Africa South Africa[43][44] Yes
March 23, 2019 Indonesia Indonesia[45]
January 21, 2020 Kazakhstan Kazakhstan[46] Yes
September 20, 2020[citation needed] Kuwait Kuwait[47] Yes
October 28, 2020 Germany Germany[48] Yes
August 23, 2022 Qatar Qatar[49] Yes
October 31, 2022 Denmark Denmark[50] Yes
October 31, 2022 Finland Finland[51] Yes
October 31, 2022 Norway Norway[52] Yes
December 11, 2022 Bahrain Bahrain[53] Yes

In May 2016, it was reported that Samsung was developing a spin-off of the service known as Samsung Pay Mini. This service will be used for online payments only, and is also being targeted as a multi-platform service.[54]

In January 2017, Samsung has confirmed that Samsung Pay Mini will not only work on its Galaxy devices but on other Android phones as well, as long as they are running Android Lollipop or above and have a screen resolution of 1280 × 720 pixels or higher.[55][56]

In June 2017, Samsung launched Samsung Pay Mini which is currently available on Galaxy J7 Max/On Max phones (in India).[57]

Availability is limited not just on the basis of where the payment card is issued, but also on the basis of the phone's country-specific code (CSC). Thus, a phone made for an unsupported region can never use Samsung Pay even if it physically resides in a supported region and has a local SIM card. The rather unrelated error message "Connection error. Unable to connect to Samsung Pay temporarily. Try again later." is how Samsung Pay reports this problem.

In June 2020, Samsung announced a partnership between Samsung Pay, Curve and Mastercard for the launch of Samsung Pay Card in the UK and more EE countries where Curve has customers later in 2020.

From September 2021, Samsung Pay Mini was made available for the Galaxy A and Galaxy M series.[58][59]

Unlike other mobile wallet providers such as Google, Samsung did not fully join the sanctions on Russia after the invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, as Samsung Pay was still partly operating in the country.

Usage within public transport systems[edit]

Due to the open nature of the Android platform, some transit cards are only available through other Android-based mobile wallets or via their own apps (e.g. SmarTrip for Google Wallet or TAP for Android). In addition, Samsung Pay does not allow for users in one region to purchase cards for another. Galaxy devices must be purchased from the region their desired transit card hails. For public transport systems where transit cards can be used, passengers can ride with Samsung Pay if such transit or payment cards can be added to Samsung Pay. Here are the scenarios where Tap & Pay mode is available.

Country/Region Scenario Fare Payment Method(s)
Australia[60] All stations of Transport for NSW Debit and credit cards
China mainland[61] All forms of transit and stores that accept Beijing Transit cards Beijing Transit Card
All forms of transit that accept Shanghai Transit cards and selected forms of transit that accept China City Union cards Shanghai Transit Card
All forms of transit that accept China T-Union cards Beijing T-Union Transit Card, Changsha Transit Card, Changzhou Transit Card, Dalian Transit Card, Foshan Transit Card, Guangzhou Transit Card, Nanjing Transit Card, Shanghai T-Union Transit Card, Shenzhen Transit Card, Shijiazhuang Transit Card, Suzhou Transit Card, Xiamen Transit Card, Xi'an Transit Card, Xuzhou Transit Card
France[62] Select forms of transit that accept Navigo Navigo
Hong Kong[63] All forms of transit and stores that accept Octopus Octopus
Italy[64] All stations of Milan Metro Debit and credit cards
All stations of Rome Metro Debit and credit cards
Russia (suspended)[25][65] Select stations of Moscow Metro Troika (previously added cards only, new cards not allowed), debit and credit cards
Singapore[66] All forms of transit and stores that accept SimplyGo SimplyGo, debit and credit cards
South Korea[67] All forms of transit and stores that accept Cashbee Cashbee
All forms of transit and stores that accept T-Money T-Money
Taiwan[68] All forms of transit and stores that accept EasyCard EasyCard
United Kingdom[69] All stations of Transport for London Debit and credit cards
United States[70] All stations of Metropolitan Transportation Authority Debit and credit cards
All stations of TriMet Debit and credit cards
All stations of Chicago Transit Authority Debit and credit cards

In addition to the above scenarios, Samsung Pay can still be used with other non-Tap & Pay readers that accept contactless open loop payment cards, but they will have to be verified beforehand.

Compatible devices[edit]

Flagship smartphones[edit]

Galaxy S[edit]

Galaxy Note[edit]

Galaxy Z[edit]

Mid-range smartphones[edit]

Galaxy A[edit]

Galaxy M[edit]

Galaxy J[edit]

  • Samsung Galaxy J5 & J7 (2016)
  • Samsung Galaxy J5 (2017)/J5 Pro
  • Samsung Galaxy J7 (2017)/J7 Pro
  • Samsung Galaxy J7 Max (2017)

Galaxy C and others[edit]

Available to Samsung Pay users within Hong Kong, Macau and China.


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