Samsung SGH-A167

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Samsung SGH-A167
Manufacturer Samsung Electronics
Slogan "This flip is hip"
Compatible networks AT&T
Availability by country 2009
Predecessor SGH-A137
Successor SGH-A177
Form factor Flip
Dimensions 3.54" x 1.83" x .78"
Weight 3.1 oz
Memory 2.0 MB
Battery Standard 3.7V Li-ion
Display 96x96 pixels
Rear camera VGA

The Samsung SGH-A167 is a mobile phone released by Samsung Electronics. The A167 was released by AT&T in 2009 as a Prepaid mobile phone.


CNET gave the phone 2 and one half stars out of five (or overall near a 50% rating). The phone was praised for its decent sound quality and intuitive menus, but was also criticized for its poorly designed controls, keypad, and photo quality.[1]


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