Samsung SGH-C414

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Samsung C414
Samsung C414.jpg
Manufacturer Samsung
Type Feature phone
Storage MicroSD card (up to 16 GB)
Camera 2 Megapixel

The Samsung C414 is a flip mobile phone manufactured by Samsung.[1] It is notable for being sold by numerous mobile operators in Canada.


In Canada, the Samsung C414 has been sold by Bell Mobility, Fido Solutions, Mobilicity, Rogers Wireless, Solo Mobile, Telus Mobility, Videotron Mobile, Virgin Mobile Canada and Wind Mobile.


Samsung C414M[edit]

This variant is carried by Bell, Rogers and Telus. It has a matte front look and back cover which is black with numerous grey lines. Its outdoor screen is surrounded by a glossy black border. The "9" number is red on the keypad, presumably to facilitate 9-1-1 emergency use, while the rest of the numeric keypad text uses the white colour.

Samsung C414V/Y[edit]

This variant is carried by Mobilicity and Videotron. It looks much different than the other two variants on the outside: while it shares the "black with grey lines" style of the C414M, the V/Y variant has no border surrounding its screen and "Samsung" is printed on top rather than on the bottom of it.

Samsung C414W[edit]

This variant is carried by Wind Mobile. It has an all-black glossy front look and back cover. The "9" number is white instead of red.


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