Samsung SGH-X200

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Samsung SGH-X200
Manufacturer Samsung Electronics
Compatible networks Tri Band (GSM 900 / 1800 / 1900 MHz)[1]
Form factor clamshell [1]
Dimensions 85 X 43.5 X 19.8 mm[1]
Weight 77 g[1]
Battery 800 mAh Li-lon[1]
External display 128 X 160 px[1] LCD 65k colors[2]
Connectivity IrDA[3]

The SGH-X200 is a mobile phone from Samsung. The phone focuses on being small and light rather than on advanced features like camera and music.

The phone features a 2.5 mm[2] headset jack[4] and an infrared port for synchronizing with a PC.

The proprietary port on the bottom of the phone is used for charging the device and can also be connected via a serial cable to a computer.


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