Samsung SGH-i627

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Samsung SGH-i627 (Propel Pro)
Samsung SGH-i627.JPG
Manufacturer Samsung Electronics
Compatible networks HSDPA, GSM 850/900/1800/1900, UMTS 850/1900/2100, EDGE, GPRS
Availability by country 2009
Form factor slider
Dimensions 61 × 99.4 × 16.7 millimetres (3.9 × 2.4 × 0.6 inches)
Weight 105 grams (4.83 ounces)
Operating system Windows Mobile 6.1 Standard
CPU 528 MHz Qualcomm MSM7201 ARM11
Memory 128 MB RAM/256 MB ROM
Removable storage MicroSD, MicroSDHC
Battery 3.7 V Lithium-ion 1,440 mAh
Data inputs QWERTY keyboard
Display 320 × 320 px, 65k colors
Rear camera 3.0 megapixel
Connectivity Wifi b/g, Bluetooth 2.0, USB 2.0 client, 12Mbit/s mini-USB
Other built-in GPS receiver

The Samsung SGH-i627 is a smartphone manufactured by Samsung, and sold in the United States as the Propel Pro by AT&T wireless. The SGH-i627 is based on the Qualcomm MSM7201A ARM11 CPU, running the Windows Mobile 6.1 Standard operating system.[1] Designed with a slider form factor, the SGH-i627 includes a full QWERTY keyboard with center joystick control.[2] It was designed out of efforts to combine the form factor of the popular original Propel with the features of the also very popular Blackjack II smartphone. Compared to original Propel being available in several colors, the SGH-i627 is only available in chrome, which was chosen to make it more appealing to business users.


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