Samsung SPH-A900

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Samsung SPH-A900 (The Blade)
Manufacturer Samsung Electronics
Compatible networks CDMA, EVDO
Availability by country December 2005
Form factor clamshell
Operating system Sprint MIUI
Memory 47 megabytes shared flash
Rear camera 1.3-megapixel
Connectivity Bluetooth

The Samsung SPH-A900 (also MM-A900, A900, or "Blade") is a CDMA cellular telephone . In the US it is currently discontinued, but supported by Sprint-Nextel, and by Bell Mobility in Canada. Its design is considered to be largely similar to the Motorola RAZR V3 by some, a popular model of thin clamshell-style cellular phones. However, there are still major differences between the two models. A revision to the A900, referred to by Samsung as the A900 Plus and marketed by Sprint as the A900m, features different materials on the casing (plastic casing replaced the previous aluminum case, allowing for better signal range, especially for Bluetooth), improved GPS functionality, and improved T9 word prediction software. Additionally, support was added for Sprint's standardized MIUI user interface, which is closely based on Qualcomm's uiOne.

This model is equipped with a total of 47 megabytes of shared flash memory, with an additional 11 megabytes for downloaded files, such as ringtones.

This wireless phone is dual-band and operates on the digital 1900 MHz and 800 MHz bands. It features EVDO technology that is faster than traditional data communications over cellular networks.

This phone also features SMS text messaging, voice SMS, a speaker phone, an MP3 player, a 1.3-megapixel digital camera, video capture, a web browser, and it is Bluetooth enabled.

A distinguishing feature is that the digital camera rotates about the phone's hinge, so it can point outwards (like a normal camera phone) or towards the caller (for self-photos/videos or video calls). This feature is also incorporated into The Samsung m610.

As of October, 2007, this phone is no longer offered as new from Sprint, however, refurbished and used models can be found at various auction and purchase sites.[citation needed]

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