Samuel A. Carlson

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Samuel A. Carlson
6th Mayor of Jamestown, New York
In office
Preceded by James L. Weeks
Succeeded by Lars Larson
8th Mayor of Jamestown, New York
In office
Preceded by Lars Larson
Succeeded by Leon F. Roberts
Personal details
Born 1868
Died 1961
Political party Republican

Samuel A. Carlson (1868–1961) was mayor of Jamestown, New York. He is famous for bringing the Board of Public Utilities (B.P.U) to life. Carlson was the sixth Mayor (1908–1928) and the eighth Mayor (1930–1934) of the town. Mayor Carlson was a Republican and a native of Jamestown, New York. Jamestown dedicated two memorials to Mayor Carlson: a BPU part and a historical marker. Carlson is the only Mayor with the longest term of 34 years in City Hall.

In addition to his connection to the B.P.U., Carlson was an initiator and supporter of Jamestown’s public hospital, public market, parks, roads and bridges, non-partisan elections, and new city charter. He also drilled the first water well to create the city’s public water system. He was twice president of the New York State Conference of Mayors.