Samuel Bogusław Chyliński

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Samuel Bogusław Chyliński (Lithuanian: Samuelis Boguslavas Chilinskis) (1631–1668) was the translator and publisher of the first translation of the Bible into Lithuanian.[1] Chyliński produced his work in Oxford and printed it in London. 15 Oxford professors signed a certificate that Chylinski was "a learned and polite scholar".[2] In 1659, Chylinski published An account of the translation of the Bible into the Lithuanian tongue in English. Apparently Samuel has studied in Franeker, Friesland, The Netherlands, before 1651 and was staying later on in Britsum, Friesland, The Netherlands according to an inscription in the churchregister of Britsum of 1651,[3] in which before his name is put a D (dominee- = vicar). As a main source and reference for the Bible translation B. Chilinskis used then popular Dutch Bible edition Statenbijbel.


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