Samuel Cook Edsall

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The Rt. Rev. Samuel Cook Edsall
II Bishop of Minnesota
1899 photo of Samuel Cook Edsall with his signature
Church The Episcopal Church
Diocese Episcopal Diocese of Minnesota
Predecessor Henry Benjamin Whipple
Successor Frank Arthur McElwain
Consecration January 25, 1899
Personal details
Born February 15, 1860
Dixon, Illinois
Died February 17, 1917
Rochester, Minnesota[1]

Samuel Cook Edsall (February 15, 1860 – February 17, 1917) was a bishop of North Dakota and Minnesota in The Episcopal Church.

The son of James K. Edsall, Illinois Attorney General, Edsall graduated from Racine College, and after admission to the bar, initially followed his father's career, practicing law in Chicago.

However, Edsall became increasingly drawn to spiritual matters. He attended Western Theological Seminary, was ordained deacon in 1888, and priest in 1889. He served as rector of St. Peter's church in Chicago for a decade.

On January 25, 1899, Edsall was consecrated Missionary Bishop of North Dakota. In 1901, he became bishop of Minnesota upon the death of bishop Henry Whipple. He served 16 years, dying in office and succeeded by his suffragan, Frank McElwain.

Edsall wrote Prayer Book Preparation for Confirmation.

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