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Rev. Samuel Gilman

The Reverend Samuel Gilman (1791–1858) was an American clergyman and author.

He was born at Gloucester, Massachusetts and graduated from Harvard University in 1811, and in 1819 was ordained pastor of the Unitarian church at Charleston, South Carolina which he continued to serve till his death.

He was an active advocate of the temperance cause. His writings consisted of Fair Harvard (1836), a hymn; contributions to periodicals; translations of certain of Boileau's satires; and other works, including:

  • Memoirs of a New England Village Choir (1829)
  • Pleasures and Pains of a Student's Life (1852)
  • Contributions to Literature, Descriptive, Critical, Humorous, Biographical, Philosophical, and Poetical (1856)

Caroline Howard Gilman, his wife, published several popular books.