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Portrait of S.H. Gregory, 19th century

Samuel Hall Gregory (1814–1892) was an interior decorator and wallpaper manufacturer, importer and retailer in Boston, Massachusetts, in the 19th century. "He was known for being one of the first 'high society' decorators in America."[1][2] He worked in Boston with a succession of business partners: C. Dudley Brown, James H. Foster, S.M. Hurlbert, Charles W. Robinson, and also with T. Christy and S.S. Constant of New York. In 1852 Gregory served on the board of the newly established Boston Young Men's Christian Association,[3] the first YMCA chapter in the United States. He worked on Court Street (1840s-1870s) and West Street (1880s) in Boston, and lived in Brookline, Massachusetts.[4]


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