Samuel Hernández

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Samuel Hernández is a Puerto Rican Christian music singer. He also has had songs crossover and become mainstream secular hits.[1] His 2003 album Jesús siempre llega a tiempo was one of the first big-selling Puerto Rican Christian albums.[2] He performed in the José Miguel Agrelot Coliseum with Marcos Witt in 2009.[3]


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  2. ^ Billboard - 15 Jan 2005 - Page 25 Vol. 117, No. 3 "But the real Christian music explosion, he says, came later in 2003 when Samuel Hernandez, a Puerto Rican Christian singer who releases his music on his own label, SH Productions, put out the album "Jesus Siempre Llega a Tiempo."
  3. ^ Billboard - 15 Aug 2009 Vol. 121, No. 32 "Between August and October, four of the coliseum's scheduled concerts are by Christian acts: Israel Houghton and Jacobo Ramos (Aug. 1), Tercer Cielo (Aug. 30), Daniel Calveti (Oct. 3) and Marcos Witt and Samuel Hernandez (Oct. 31).