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Samuel Jarvis (December 27, 1720, Stamford, Connecticut - September 1, 1780, Saint John, New Brunswick) was father to William Jarvis, the head of the Toronto Jarvis clan.

Jarvis was born in Stamford to Captain Samuel Jarvis, an American Loyalist and Naomi Griffin. Samuel Jarvis served as long time town clerk of Stamford, Connecticut and was forced to resign due to his loyalty to the British in 1760[dubious ]. After fleeing Connecticut, Jarvis joined the British Army and became a brigadier general and commanded a loyalist regiment. Captured and imprisoned in 1778, Jarvis was freed, but he was no longer useful to the British. He later fled with wife Martha Seymour and some of his family to Saint John, New Brunswick. Out of work and no pension for his military service, Jarvis became a surveyor and searcher. He died in Saint John, New Brunswick in 1780.

He is connected to the famous Jarvis family of Toronto.

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