Samuel McLean (U.S. Consul)

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For other people with the same name, see Samuel McLean.
Samuel McLean
Born Samuel McLean
(1797-09-12)September 12, 1797
Alexandria, Virginia
Died March 19, 1881(1881-03-19)
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Occupation Consul
Employer U. S. Department of State
Known for US Consul of Trinidad de Cuba

Samuel McLean (September 12, 1797, in Alexandria, Virginia – March 19, 1881, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania), was a United States Consul for Trinidad de Cuba from 1849 through 1855.[1][2] He was appointed at Missouri.

He married Susan Wilson Smoot of the prominent Smoot Family of Alexandria. After she died he married a Mrs Johnson of Louisiana and removed after the American Civil War to Philadelphia, where he died. He was buried in Alexandria.

Samuel had several children, including Alice Lawrason McLean, Lucretia Hodgkinson McLean, Alexander Kerr McLean and Virginia McLean with his first wife; and Lillie McLean, Eliza McLean and Archie McLean, with his second wife.

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