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Samuel Wainer (December 19, 1910 – September 2, 1980) was a Brazilian journalist and author. Wainer was born into a Jewish family in the São Paulo district of Bom Retiro. He founded and directed the Diretrizes magazine and the Última Hora newspaper.[1] He was married to Danuza Leão, Brazilian journalist and model, sister of Nara Leão. They had a son, Samuel Wainer Filho, who was also a journalist. He died in 1984 in a car accident with a camera operator.[2] Wainer also had more two children: plastic artist Débora "Pinky" Wainer[3] and film producer Bruno Wainer.[4]

He was a reporter of Diários Associados in 1950, when he interviewed Getúlio Vargas, with whom he would later keep a close friendship.[1][5] He also faced strong opposition from Carlos Lacerda and Assis Chateaubriand (owner of Diários Associados) during his career, specially when he founded his own newspaper, that would openly support Vargas presidency.[5]

Wainer was the only Brazilian journalist present at the Nuremberg Trials.[1][5]

He died in São Paulo, aged 69.


  • Minha razão de viver - memórias de um repórter (Editora Planeta)


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