Samuel Wescott

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Samuel Wescott
10th Mayor of Jersey City
In office
May 4, 1857 – May 2, 1858
Preceded by David Stout Manners
Succeeded by Dudley S. Gregory
Personal details
Residence Jersey City, New Jersey

Samuel Wescott was the tenth Mayor of Jersey City. He succeeded David Stout Manners. Wescott served a single term from May 4, 1857 to May 2, 1858.[1] He was succeeded by Dudley S. Gregory. Wescott served in the New Jersey State Senate from 1860 to 1862.[2]

Wescott incorporated the "Mutual Benefit Life and Insurance Company of the County of Hudson" in 1860. His partners included Dudley S. Gregory, John Van Vorst, Edmund Kingsland, Garret Sip, John M. Cornelison, Hery F. Cox, Peter Bentley, Augustus A. Hardenburgh, and Jonathan D. Miller.[3]

Wescott donated land in Cannelton (now Darlington), Pennsylvania for the construction of St. Rose Catholic Church c. 1861[4]


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