Samuel b. Abbahu

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For the third generation Amora sage, see Abbahu.

Samuel b. Abbahu (Hebrew: רב שמואל בריה דרב אבהו ‎‎, Rav Shmuel Beria DeRav Abbahu, or רב שמואל בר רבא, read as Rav Shmuel Bar Rabbah) was a Jewish Amora sage of the eighth and last generation of the Amora era, and of the first generation of the Savora sages era. His colleague and "Bar-Plugata" opponent was R. Ahai, and they are recorded on the Babylon Talmud on two halkhaic matters.[1] He was the son of Rav Abbahu (not to be confused with R. Abbahu, an Amora of the third generation), who was one of the sages of Pumbedita, at the end of the Amor era.


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