Samurai Legend

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Samurai Legend
Samurai Legend.jpg
Cover of the 1992 release
(Kaze No Shō)
Genre Adventure, Martial arts
Written by Kan Furuyama
Illustrated by Jiro Taniguchi
Published by Akita Shoten
English publisher
Demographic Seinen
Published 1992
Volumes 1
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Samurai Legend (Japanese: 風の抄, Hepburn: Kaze no Shō) is a one-shot Japanese manga written by Kan Furuyama and illustrated by Jiro Taniguchi. The manga is licensed for an English-language release in North America by Central Park Media,[1] licensed for a French-language release in France, Italian-language release in Italy and Portuguese-language release in Brazil by Panini Comics[2][3][4] and a Spanish-language release in Spain by Editorial Ivrea.[5]


Akita Shoten released the manga's single tankōbon originally in September 1992;[6] it was re-released on October 8, 2004.[7] Panini Comics released the manga in France on October 12, 2006,[2] in Italy on August 23, 2005[3] and in Brazil in June 2006.[4]


  • Lord Mitsuyoshi/Yagyū Jūbei - the protagonist. He is the master of "Yagyu Shinkagery" sword style and the one responsible for guarding the Yagyu Secret Chronicles.
  • Lord Gomino - the main antagonist and the former emperor. He resides in Kyoto and attempts to start a rebellion against the Tokugawa bakufu which is the reason as to why he sent his lackey Yashamaro to steal the Yagyu Secret Chronicles.
  • Lord Rokumaru - Jubei's younger half-brother and chief monk of the Hotokuji Temple. He aides his brother in retrieving the Yagyu Secret Chronicles.
  • Yashamaro - Gomino's ninja whom he sent to steal the Yagyu Secret Chronicles. He is Jubei's foe.
  • Yagyū Munenori - Jubei's father and katana instructor for the Shogun and watcher of all feudal lords. He is also the leader of the secret organization of Shadow Yagyu.
  • Lady Tsukinowanomiya called Miya-sama (it is one of the ways to address a Prince or Princess of the Imperial Family) - Gomizunono's daughter and granddaughter of Tokugawa Hidetada. She was once the Empress Myosho but retired. She is an old friend of Jubei.
  • Katsu Kaishū - the narrator of the story.


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