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Samyuktha Varma
Native name സംയുക്ത വർമ്മ
Born November 26, 1979
Thiruvalla, Kerala, India
Other names Chinnu
Occupation Actress
Years active 1999–2002
Spouse(s) Biju Menon
Parent(s) Ravi Varma, Uma Varma
Relatives Urmila Unni

Samyuktha Varma is an actress in Malayalam film industry.[1] She entered filmdom through the Malayalam film Veendum Chila Veettukaryangal directed by Sathyan Anthikkad. Then she acted in several Malayalam feature films and received some awards. Later she left the scene after her marriage to actor Biju Menon.[2]

Early life[edit]

She was born in the year November 26, 1979 to Ravi Varma and Uma Varma and belongs to the Nedumpuram Palace clan in Tiruvalla, Kerala. She hails from Thrissur, had never thought of becoming an actress although her aunt Urmila Unni had already been recognised as an accomplished actress, active in both Cinema and Teleserials in Malayalam. Her parents are settled in Thrisur and got a younger sister named Sanghamitra Varma. She had also learnt dancing, but had no plans to become a professional dancer either. When she was studying at Sree Kerala Varma college, Thrissur, she got the offer to do the female lead role in Veendum Chila Veettukaaryangal.[3]

Film career[edit]

Samyukta Varma’s three-year movie career saw her playing a string of strong characters.[4] Samyuktha did so well that her first movie Veendum Chila Veetukaryangal hit the theatres (in 1999) and the audience did not ever feel that the girl doing the lead role was a miscast. But hit-maker Joshi's Vazhunnor, released in 1999 itself, proved all speculations wrong. In 1999 Samyuktha Varma being cast in her third film, Chandranudikkunna Dikkil by Lal Jose, in which she was one of the two heroines, the other being debutante Kavya Madhavan. And also in the cast was Biju Menon, co-starring with whom in two of her later films, Samyuktha was to give scintillating performances. The year 2000 was not very fruitful to Samyuktha. Her second film opposite Jayaram, Nadanpennum Naattupramaaniyum of director Rajasenan, though the film appealed very much to Rajasenan's fans, it did not do much good business at the box office.

And then came a film that could be perhaps one of Samyuktha's most ambitious ventures. She was cast for the first time opposite National Award–winning superstar Mohanlal in hit-maker Fazil's home production Life is Beautiful. The film grossed average. Director Mohan's Angane Oru Avadhikaalaththu, in which Samyuktha was cast opposite Sreenivasan, offered her as well etched out role, which she did to perfection.

Then Samyuktha Verma stunned the audience with real scintillating and sensitive performances in three of her films. The first was Mazha, noted director Lenin Rajendran's film based on a short story by noted writer Madhavikutty. Samyuktha won accolades as Bhadra, a young girl caught between two worlds-one full of romantic dreams, poetry and music, and the other replete with bitter and harsh realities. Lost between these two worlds, Bhadra was indeed a well etched out role for Samyuktha and she did full justice to her role.

Then came Kamal's Madhuranombarakaattu, in which she was again cast opposite Biju Menon as Priyamvada, who finds that life for her is an unending war against fate which has nothing but sorrows in store for her. This again was a really sensitive role. Along with Madhuranombarakaattu, Swayamvarapanthal was released, directed by national award-winning filmmaker Harikumar. As Priya opposite Jayaram, Samyuktha lived in the role of an insane girl with a haunting past.

Though Samyuktha Varma did really wonderful work of her different roles, commercial success went on eluding her films. Her films in 2000, from Naadanpennum Naattupramaaniyum to Swayamvarapanthal, all were flops. But the year ended on a promising note for this young actress, as far as the commercial aspect is concerned. Rafi-Mecartin's Thenkasi Pattanam, in which she is one of the three heroines, did well and was a super hit. Starring opposite Suresh Gopi, Samyuktha dons the role of Meenakshi, a character that is more of a lighter vein compared to her earlier characters. Her next movie Meghasandesham did not do well in the box office. Rajasenan's horror movie with Suresh Gopi, newcomer Rajshri Nair and Abhirami too in the cast was a flop.

Her most noted characters are-that of Bhadra in Mazha and that of Priyamvada in Madhuranombarakaattu.[5]

Personal life[edit]

She acted in several Malayalam feature films and retired from her profession after her marriage to actor Biju menon on 21 November 2002. The couple have a son Dhaksh Dharmik who was born on 14 September 2006.[6]

While on tour in the United States in 2002, Varma was on a flight to New York. Before landing, a few passengers heard her father, Ravi Varma, pointing out the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building and other buildings in Malayalam. One suspicious passenger alerted a flight attendant. The plane was escorted to La Guardia Airport by two fighter jets. The family, two others in their group and one unconnected man were questioned by the Joint Terrorism Task Force for approximately five hours before being released. After the incident, Varma said, "At first I thought I would never want to come to America again, I was so scared, but the police were very nice to us. They made sure we were comfortable and they treated us well. America is good country, and I understand people are afraid of people who look different."[7]


Kerala State Film Awards:

Asianet Film Awards

Filmfare Awards South

  • 2000-Best Actress-Mazha
  • 2001-Best Actress-Megamalhar

Other Film Awards

  • Film Critic Award 2000
  • Arya
  • Face of the year 1999
  • Mathrubhumi
  • Medimix
  • Gulf malayali Award
  • Kala Vedi Award
  • Arya 2001
  • State Award 2001
  • Mathrubhumi 2001
  • IndiaInfo Online Award 2001
  • FOKANA Film Award, 2002 – Mekhamalhar

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No: Film Year Character Co-stars Director Notes
1 Veendum Chila Veettukaryangal
( വീണ്ടും ചില വീട്ടുകാര്യങ്ങൾ )
1999 Bhavana Jayaram Sathyan Anthikkad Debut film.
Winner: Kerala State Film Award for Best Actress of 1999
2 Vazhunnor
( വാഴുന്നോർ )
1999 Rani Suresh Gopi, Krishna, Sangeetha Joshiy
3 Chandranudikkunna Dikkil
( ചന്ദ്രനുദിക്കുന്ന ദിക്കിൽ )
1999 Hema Dileep, Biju Menon, Kavya Madhavan Lal Jose
4 Angene Oru Avadhikkalathu
( അങ്ങനെ ഒരു അവധിക്കാലത്തു് )
1999 Nirmala Sreenivasan, Mukesh Mohan
5 Swayamvara Panthal
( സ്വയംവരപ്പന്തൽ )
2000 Priyamvada Jayaram Harikumar Winner: Kerala State Film Award for Best Actress of 2000
6 Nadanpennum Naattupramaaniyum
( നാടൻ പെണ്ണും നാട്ടുപ്രമാണിയും )
2000 Gayathri Jayaram Rajasenan
7 Mazha
( മഴ )
2000 Bhadra (Subhadra) Biju Menon, Lal Lenin Rajendran Winner: Kerala State Film Award for Best Actress of 2000
8 Madhuranombarakattu
( മധുരനൊമ്പരക്കാറ്റു് )
2000 Priyamvada Biju Menon Kamal Winner: Kerala State Film Award for Best Actress of 2000
9 Life Is Beautiful 2000 Sindhu Mohanlal, Geetu Mohandas Fazil
10 Thenkasipattanam
( തെങ്കാശിപ്പട്ടണം )
2000 Meenakshi Suresh Gopi, Lal Rafi and Mecartin
11 Saivar Thirumeni
( സായ്‌വർ തിരുമേനി )
2001 Annie Suresh Gopi Shajoon Kariyal
12 Megasandesam
( മേഘസന്ദേശം )
2001 Anjali Varma Suresh Gopi Rajasenan
13 Narendran Makan Jayakanthan Vaka
( നരേന്ദ്രൻ മകൻ ജയകാന്തൻ വക )
2001 Vinodini Kunchacko Boban, Asin Sathyan Anthikkad
14 Nariman
( നരിമാൻ )
2001 Sethulakshmi Suresh Gopi K Madhu
15 One Man Show 2001 Radhika Menon Jayaram, Lal Shafi
16 Meghamalhar
( മേഘമൽഹാർ )
2001 Nandita Menon Biju Menon, Siddique Kamal
17 Kuberan
( കുബേരൻ )
2002 Pooja Dileep Sundar Das
18 Thenkasi Pattanam
( തെങ്കാശിപ്പട്ടണം )
2002 Meenakshi Sarath Kumar Rafi and Mecartin Tamil Movie


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