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The San Antonio City Hall is the legislative arm of the municipal government of the city of San Antonio in the U.S. state of Texas.

San Antonio has a council-manager form of government in which the city manager, Sheryl Sculley, is the city's main, albeit unelected, executive. Ivy Taylor serves as the mayor of San Antonio.

San Antonio is divided into 10 districts for purposes of electoral representation in the council. They are as follows, as of July 2014:[1]

  • District 1: Roberto Treviño
  • District 2: Alan Warrick
  • District 3: Rebecca Viagran
  • District 4: Rey Saldana
  • District 5: Shirley Gonzalez
  • District 6: Ray Lopez
  • District 7: Chris Medina
  • District 8: Ron Nirenberg
  • District 9: Joe Krier
  • District 10: Mike Gallagher


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