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San Antonio Independent School District is a school district based in Downtown San Antonio, Texas, United States.[1]

San Antonio ISD is one of 15 school districts serving the San Antonio area. San Antonio ISD serves the Downtown, Midtown, and inner city areas of the city of San Antonio and a small portion of the city of Balcones Heights. With over 53,000 students (as of 2015),[2] the district is the third largest school district in the Bexar County area.[3]


1875-????, C. Plagge

1919-1923, Annie Webb Blanton

1946-1963, Thomas B. Portwood

1994-1998, Dr. Diana Lam

1998-1999, Dr. David F. Splitek (Interim)

1999-2006, Dr. Rubén D. Olivárez

2006-2012, Dr. Robert Duron

2012-2015, Dr. Sylvester Perez (Interim/Permanent)

2015-Present, Pedro Martinez


The district was involved directly in the San Antonio Independent School District v. Rodriguez Supreme Court case and indirectly in the United States v. Lopez Supreme Court case.

School uniforms[edit]

All San Antonio ISD students are required to wear school uniforms. Students are required to wear white collared shirts and khaki bottoms. They are also permitted wear polo shirts with their schools' colors.[4] The Texas Education Agency specifies that the parents and/or guardians of students zoned to a school with uniforms may apply for a waiver to opt out of the uniform policy so their children do not have to wear the uniform; parents must specify "bona fide" reasons, such as religious reasons or philosophical objections.[5]


High schools[edit]

Middle schools[edit]

  • S.J. Davis Middle School
  • Joel C. Harris Middle School
  • Washington Irving Middle School
  • Henry Wadsworth Longfellow Middle School
  • James Russell Lowell Middle School
  • Thomas Nelson Page Middle School
  • Edgar Allan Poe Middle School
  • Jerimiah Rhodes Middle School
  • Harry H. Rogers Middle School
  • Fidel L. Tafolla Middle School
  • John Greenleaf Whittier Middle School


  • Advanced Learning Academy at Fox Tech (PK-12)
  • Charles Clyde Ball Academy (PK-7)
  • Beacon Hill Academy (PK-7)
  • James Bonham Academy (K-8)
  • Agnes Cotton Academy (PK-8)
  • David Crockett Academy (PK-7)
  • Frederick Douglass Academy (PK-7)
  • Marin B. Fenwick Academy (PK-7)
  • Muriel Vance Forbes Academy (PK-7)
  • Inez Foster Academy (PK-7)
  • Robert B. Green Academy (PK-7)
  • Nathaniel Hawthorne Academy (K-8)
  • Ferdinand Herff Academy (PK-7)
  • Irving Dual Language Academy (PK-2)
  • Eloise Japhet Academy (PK-7)
  • Martin Luther King Jr. Academy (K-8)
  • Antonio Margil Academy (PK-7)
  • Mission Academy (PK-8)
  • Ira C. Ogden Academy (PK-7)
  • Laura Steele Montessori Academy (PK-1)
  • Mark Twain Dual Language Academy (PK-3)
  • Riverside Park Academy (PK-7)
  • Will Rogers Academy (PK-7)
  • Woodlawn Academy (K-8)
  • Young Men's Leadership Academy (4-9)
  • Young Women's Leadership Academy (6-12)
    • YWLA was ranked #1 in Texas (2012-2013)[7]
    • The school, as of December 2016 also ranked as exemplary by the Texas Education Agency, has a college readiness focus with an emphasis on science, technology, engineering and math.

Elementary schools[edit]

  • Charles August Arnold Elementary School
  • Barkley-Ruiz Elementary School
  • Mildred Baskin Elementary School
  • J.T. Brackenridge Elementary School
  • Andrew Briscoe Elementary School
  • Bella Cameron Elementary School
  • Collins Garden Elementary School
  • Lorenzo De Zavala Elementary School
  • Frederick Douglass Elementary School
  • Marin B. Fenwick Elementary School
  • Benjamin Franklin Elementary School
  • Samuel Houston Gates Elementary School
  • Charles Graebner Elementary School
  • Highland Hills Elementary School
  • Highland Park Elementary School
  • Hillcrest Elementary School
  • Herman Hirsch Elementary School
  • Mary Huppertz Elementary School
  • George E. Kelly Elementary School
  • Sarah King Elementary School
  • Mirabeau B. Lamar Elementary School
  • James Madison Elementary School
  • Samuel A. Maverick Elementary School
  • Dorie Miller Elementary School
  • Elma A. Neal Elementary School
  • John J. Pershing Elementary School
  • Cleto L. Rodriguez Elementary School
  • Kate Schenck Elementary School
  • Smith Elementary School
  • P.F. Stewart Elementary School
  • Ollie Perry Storm Elementary School
  • Booker T. Washington Elementary School
  • Woodrow Wilson Elementary School
  • Woodlawn Hills Elementary School

Early childhood education centers[edit]

  • Henry Carroll Early Childhood Education Center
  • Esther Perez Carvajal Early Childhood Education Center
  • Rafael Gonzales Early Childhood Education Center
  • Wilbur J. Knox Early Childhood Education Center
  • Pauline Nelson Early Childhood Education Center
  • Elizabeth Tynan Early Childhood Education Center

Special campuses[edit]

  • Cooper Academy at Navarro (9-12)
  • Estrada Alternative Center (7-12)
  • Brewer Academy (6-12)

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