San Bartolomeo, Modena

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San Bartolomeo is a Baroque church in Modena.



The present church replaced a parish church at the site, and using designs by a Jesuit priest Giorgio Soldati of Lugano, construction began in 1607 and was completed in 1629 with a bell-tower. The façade was designed by the architect Andrea Galluzzi. The nave ceiling has a large fresco work by the Jesuit priest Giuseppe Barbieri (1642–1733), disciple of Andrea Pozzo.

Among the interior decoration are canvases by Jean Boulanger, Giacinto Brandi, Jacopino Consetti, Lorenzo Garbieri, Ludovico Lana, Aurelio Lomi, Piero Petruzzini, and Giuseppe Romani. The marble main altar was completed in 1620 and represents work by Giovanni Battista Bassoli, Cecilio Bezi, Giovanni Battista Censori, and Antonio Traeri. The present organ (1903) by the brothers Rieger replaces a 17th-century organ, lost in a 1902 fire, by the Jesuit Willem Hermans.

Coordinates: 44°38′40″N 10°55′32″E / 44.6445°N 10.9255°E / 44.6445; 10.9255