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San Blas is a district in Madrid
District of Madrid
Location of San Blas is a district in Madrid
Country Spain Spain
Aut. community Flag of the Community of Madrid.svg Madrid
Municipality Escudo de Madrid.png Madrid
 • Total 22.36 km2 (8.63 sq mi)
Population 157,367
 • Density 7,035.3/km2 (18,221/sq mi)
Madrid district number 20

San Blas is a district at the east of Madrid's city centre. The population of the district is estimated in 149,909.[1]



The district is administratively divided into 8 wards (Barrios):


The municipality of Canillejas was one of the oldest towns in the Community of Madrid, annexed to the city in 1949. When Madrid was divided into different districts, it did not manage to recover the name of Canillejas as the name of the district, something different from what happened with other municipalities that conserved their names, such as Barajas, Vicálvaro, Carabanchel or Villaverde.


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