San Carlos, Falkland Islands

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San Carlos Settlement
San Carlos and north East Falkland

San Carlos is a settlement in northwestern East Falkland, lying south of Port San Carlos on San Carlos Water. It is sometimes nicknamed "JB" after a former owner, Jack Bonner.[1] The settlement consists of a number of properties including a dwelling with a small cafe which also provides craft facilities. As noted in the history section, there is a small museum that pays homage to the Falklands Conflict as well as local nature and culture.


It is named after the ship San Carlos, which visited in 1768, and grew in the early twentieth century around a factory which froze sheep carcasses.

San Carlos was the main British Army bridgehead during the Falklands War, when it was codenamed "Blue Beach".

A museum and the Blue Beach Military Cemetery at San Carlos commemorate that period.


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Coordinates: 51°34′30″S 59°02′00″W / 51.575°S 59.0333°W / -51.575; -59.0333