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San Carlos School District is a K-8 elementary school district in California. It consists of 2 middle schools, 4 lower elementary schools, 2 upper elementary schools (currently being built) and 1 K-8 charter school. It currently serves more than 3,500 students.[1] After graduating from 8th grade, students typically go on to the Sequoia Union High School District, and most often to Sequoia High School (Redwood City, California) or Carlmont High School.


Middle Schools (6-8) - currently 5-8 until Upper Elementary Schools are built

Lower Elementary Schools (K-3) -- currently K-4 until Upper Elementary Schools are built

Upper Elementary Schools (4-5) - currently being built

Charter Schools (K-8)

In addition, the school district runs a Transitional Kindergarten program and preschool program at many of its sites.

The school district is in the process of building two new 4th-5th grade schools, one located on each of the current middle school campuses. The existing middle schools would have grades 6-8 and the existing elementary schools will be for grades K-3.

Governance Team[edit]


  • Michelle Hermeier, Ph.D.

School Board

  • Eirene Chen
  • Michelle Nayfack, Ph.D.
  • Carol Elliott
  • Kathleen Farley
  • Neil Layton

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