San Carpóforo Canyon

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Bay at the mouth of San Carpoforo Creek, looking south from an overlook off CA-1. Ragged Point is the south boundary of the bay.
Big Sur

San Carpóforo Creek flows through San Carpóforo Canyon, and then into the ocean in a small bay just north of topographic Ragged Point. All of these features are located in the Big Sur region of California, and are named after Saint Carpophorus, an early Roman martyr.

There is a trail and coastal access point just north of the bridge over the creek on California Highway 1.[1] San Carpóforo Creek is commonly thought of as the south boundary of Big Sur.

In the early twentieth century, the canyon was nicknamed "Sankypoky" by the locals, that is in fact a variant of the Spanish name.[2] Another variant was "San Carpojo" -tradition holds that someone at the Williams Ranch, which is situated at the mouth of the creek, could not pronounce "Carpóforo" and changed it to "Carpojo.”[3]


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