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San Diego Coastkeeper is a grassroots environmental 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that advocates for clean water throughout San Diego County. Coastkeeper is San Diego’s official agency of the international Waterkeeper Alliance, which works to protect the world’s waterways.


San Diego Coastkeeper aims to protect the region’s bays, beaches, watersheds and ocean for the people and wildlife that depend on them. It promotes stewardship of clean water and a healthy coastal ecosystem using community outreach, education, and advocacy.

Letter with 300+ Groups Ask Senate for Stronger Climate Bill, included the California Coastkeeper Alliance.


San Diego Coastkeeper was launched in 1995 as San Diego Baykeeper in order to combat chronic pollution of San Diego Bay that transformed a once-thriving ecosystem into a highly toxic waterbody. Baykeeper became the 15th approved Waterkeeper program in the country.

In 2005, San Diego Baykeeper became San Diego Coastkeeper, whose mission now encompasses protecting all of San Diego County’s bays, beaches, watersheds and ocean.

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