San Diego School of Creative and Performing Arts

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San Diego School of Creative and Performing Arts
2425 Dusk Drive
San Diego 92139
Type Public magnet school
Specialist arts school
Established 1978
School district San Diego Unified School District
Principal Timothy E. Farson
Grades 612
Enrollment 1,333[1] (2013–14)
Campus type Suburban

The San Diego School of Creative and Performing Arts, known as SCPA, is an audition only public arts magnet school in southeastern San Diego, California, US. Most of the students in grades 6-12 are bussed to the school from throughout the San Diego Unified School District. Students are enrolled in 1 of 5 arts majors and complete a required series of specialized arts courses in theater, music, dance, visual arts, video production, and stagecraft, creative writing along with regular academic subjects.


Middle school[edit]

Middle school applicants must complete the San Diego Unified School District Open Enrollment application and then contact artistic director, Richard Trujillo, to set up an audition. Auditions usually take place in the Fall. Acceptance is via audition only.

High school[edit]

All students must first complete the San Diego Unified School District Open Enrollment Application. Prospective high school students must audition for a specific program in one of six majors: Creative Writing, Dance, Dramatic Arts, Music, Visual and Media Arts, and Interdisciplinary. Students may audition and be accepted into several programs, but must choose which one they will pursue while at SDSCPA. Each program has its own audition panel.



Each spring the San Diego School of Creative and Performing Arts releases their upcoming performance season. Shows are typically staged in one of two main locations - the Florence Johnson Grand Theater or the Ole Kittleson Little Theater.



Students can choose from two main forms of music: Jazz or Orchestra. The advanced musical groups go on annual tours to compete against other schools from around the nation. These tours can be to places as close as Anaheim and Las Vegas, or as far as Boston and Hawaii. The most notable tour was in 2016 to New York City, featuring the school's Jazz Band at the Jazz at Lincoln Center Competition.


Several dance classes are available. These classes, ranging from beginning to advanced levels, are not limited to only one or two types of dance. Classes include Theater Dance, Ballet, Irish Dance, Modern Dance, and Dances of Mexico and Spain.

A professional strand dance class is two periods long. These are meant for more serious dancers who want to get the best of their training.

Visual and Cinematic Arts[edit]

For students who flourish in visual arts, other options are available. Students can choose to delve into photography, drawing and painting, video production, martial arts and yearbook.

In 2015, the SDSCPA opened a new multimillion dollar film studio launching the Cinematic Arts program.


Students majoring in Theatre complete courses in Acting, Musical Theatre, or Technical Theatre.

Creative Writing[edit]

Students majoring in Creative Writing take courses in Creative Writing and Journalism. Students may also elect to take courses in Broadcast Journalism.

Notable students[edit]

Brian Justin Crum, singer

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