San Domenico (Pisa)

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Church of San Domenico
Chiesa di san domenico (pisa), esterno.JPG
The facade
Basic information
Location Pisa, Italy
Affiliation Roman Catholic
Province Pisa
Country Italy
Architectural description
Architectural type Church
Architectural style Baroque interior.
Groundbreaking 13th Century

San Domenico is a Gothic-style, Roman Catholic church in Pisa, Italy. It was erected in 1385, under the guidance of Pietro Gambacorti, adjacent to a Dominican Convent. Pietro’s daughter, the beatified Chiara Gambacorti, resided in that convent.

In 1724 through 1732, the interior was decorated in the ornate late-Baroque style. The church and the adjacent convent were extensively damaged during World War II. It is today in use by the Order of the Knights of Malta. The interior is decorated by medieval frescoes and canvases by Giovanni Battista Tempesti depicting the Life of the beatified Chiara (1782).



Coordinates: 43°42′40″N 10°23′59″E / 43.71111°N 10.39972°E / 43.71111; 10.39972