San Esteban Island

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Satellite photo showing islands in the Gulf of California, with San Esteban Island just right (east) of center

San Esteban Island (Spanish: Isla San Esteban, Seri: Coftéecöl [koɸˈtɛːkʷɬ] and sometimes Hast [ʔast])[1] is a small island in the Gulf of California, Mexico, located to the southwest of Tiburón Island. It is part of the Municipality of Hermosillo in Sonora, and has a land area of 39.773 km² (15.356 sq mi), the 15th-largest island in Mexico. It is located in the Gulf of California. It was once inhabited by a group of the Seri people.[2]

San Esteban Island is home to many types of odd animal species found on only a few of the islands, such as the San Esteban chuckwalla (Sauromalus varius), the spiny chuckwalla (S. hispidus) and the spiny-tailed iguana (Ctenosaura conspicuosa).[3]


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Coordinates: 28°41′51″N 112°34′39″W / 28.69750°N 112.57750°W / 28.69750; -112.57750