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The San Francisco Department of Public Health (SFDPH), previously referred to as San Francisco Health Department, is composed of various subdivisions that work together to serve the city of San Francisco.


San Francisco Department of Public Health's mission is to protect and promote the health of all San Francisco citizens. The SFDPH works to achieve this via its two main divisions: the San Francisco Health Network and Population Health.[1]


In 1899, there was a Bubonic Plaugue outbreak in San Francisco's Chinatown, San Francisco plague of 1900–1904. During this time, it was discovered that there had been cases of the plague in Hong Kong, China. Chinese people that would be entering the U.S. were forbidden and fear affected citizens of San Francisco. The San Francisco Health Department closed Chinese businesses and subsequently burned parts of Chinatown. The inhabitants of Chinatown were required to receive vaccinations if they planned on emigrating from the city. A citizen Wong Wai sued the department; the ruling was in favor of Wai and requested that the department terminate their behavior. Health officials dissatisfied with the ruling ostracized and isolated Chinatown and all its inhabitants, because of their suspicions of the plague spreading.[2]

It was after the plague scare that raised awareness for public health intervention.[3]

Subdivisions within department[edit]

Population Health Division[edit]

Population Health Division(PHD) covers a broad spectrum of topics.

San Francisco Health Network[edit]

The San Francisco Health Network consists of Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital, Laguna Honda Hospital and many other clinics throughout San Francisco. The network has vocalized their non-discriminatory approach and mission to serve all who are in need of health services.[4] The San Francisco Health Network has stated they will serve irrespective of immigration status or the lack of health insurance.[5] The network aims to implement and increase innovative strategies.

Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital[edit]

ZSFGH is the only level one trauma center in San Francisco.


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